Virtual Arnie Avatars was the most popular virtual reality game of the 2060s - a game in which children and adults would create their own avatars, imaginary friends that they could take on quests in a virtual world overlaid upon the real world. That changed in 2065, when a series of brutal murders culminated in a reality-shattering explosion in their California park on the eve of its grand opening, and Avatars was shut down for weeks. People told strange stories of holes opening up from reality into VR, of falling into the strange worlds of the Diadem, or being attacked by monsters that had somehow escaped into the modern world. But how much of it really happened? Only a few people know, and they're not telling.

It's now 2069 and Dantech's new VR behemoth is challenging Avatars for supremacy. It's named the Gloaming, a place where many dimensions stretch between Day and Night, and secretive clans capable of moving between them wage war against one another to gather all of them on their side. The Players, as the Awakened, may join sides with the angels of the Light or the demons of the Dark, work as mercenaries, or struggle to balance both factions. Whether assisted by powerful beasts and steeds, or able to throw magic spells, or empowered by supernatural strengths, they'll need all the powers they have to survive when the balance tips against them.

But not everything is working according to specs. People have glimpsed fantastic worlds through perfectly ordinary windows and doors. Stories circulate of attacks by 'runaway animatronics', mysterious disappearances of long-time players, of corporate and government agents tidying away their belongings and assuring everyone "the situation is under control." But is it really?

Avatars 2.0: When Worlds Collide.


AvatarsGameRules - the game rules, including house rules for this campaign
AvatarsRealWorld - the futuristic world in which Avatars is set
AvatarsVirtualWorld - the virtual world of Avatars
GloamingVirtualWorld - the virtual world of the Gloaming
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