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Greater magic is accomplished through the Guardian Spirits, which manifest themselves only in certain individuals - individuals touched by fate. These individuals are called Links, and the appearance of the Guardian Spirits means that interesting times are sure to follow.

There are several types of Guardian Spirits known to Tasavar, Avatars and Augments.

The Avatar

These are independent creatures possessed of special abilities. They have personalities and some degree of sentience, but are never able to speak or write. It is believed their intelligence simply does not work that way.

The Augment

These manifest in the form of partial armor, growing in complexity and strength and coverage as the wearer gains experience. They have little personality, but they do have emotions, and their wearer can sense their feelings. Doing a job well usually gives them satisfaction, but they may become annoyed if asked to perform meaningless tasks.

Summoning Guardian Spirits

Guardian Spirits may appear without bidding if their Link is in danger, but once their Link has been trained, they usually only appear when summoned. In the open daylight, they are strongest and can recharge their powers quickly, but at night, they recharge their powers slowly, and this situation worsens as players get further and further away from the Sun, toward the Endless Night.

In game terms: Guardian Spirits' power pools can be recharged in just minutes of outside time when in broad daylight, but an hour when it's night on the Shard. The farther away from the Sun you go, the worse this gets, until you get to the Empire of Stars where your Guardian Spirits' power pools might be halved in size as well to represent the oppressive darkness.

Guardians can be hurt or injured. Injuries do not fade on dismissing and resummoning a Guardian. Rest and sunlight are the best cure for Guardians, but some exceptional Links are able to channel their own physical energy into repairing their Guardians.

If a Guardian Spirit is 'killed', it dematerializes and the Link generally succumbs to exhaustion. When it is called forth again, it will be grievously wounded but not dead. It can then be healed but will need time to recover its full strength.

Guardian Spirit Leveling

Guardian Spirits pass through several levels of maturity. One is not born with a mighty Guardian Spirit immediately; they start small and become larger and stronger as their Link gains more experience and wisdom.

Guardian Spirits have several stages of maturity:

In game terms: whenever the VR character takes the "Promote Avatar" Edge for his or her Avatar, or "New Power" for his or her Augment, the Guardian Spirit is considered to have increased in power and size.
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