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Even though Dantech claims the Gloaming is full of worlds, each one is actually about the size of a city and its surrounding environments. Push too far from the center of a dimension and you'll find things getting gray and blurry, as if seen through a mist, and eventually you'll fall off the page and wind up in a random dimension.

Unless otherwise stated, Places of Power will usually form at landmarks within the city.

The following is not a complete list of dimensions. Just as Avatars adds new Shards, rotates old ones out, and changes the political state of things to keep the experience fresh, Dantech occasionally adds new dimensions to the mix and moves them around to encourage traffic to lower population dmiensions.

It's a fictional city in the real world, a cross between New York City and Las Vegas - think skyscrapers, lots of floating neon signs, the rich people living in penthouse apartments, the dregs and homeless lurching like zombies in the sprawling suburbs around the towers. The world of New Metropolis looks decidedly Gothic, with brass clockwork gargoyles lurking at the top of the skyscrapers and huge airships drifting between cities, launching antigravity gunships and sky-pirates riding skiffs, firing stun rays instead of boring tasers, and float tubes that go between different floors of buildings on the outside, or to other buildings entirely.

But unlike the real world, this is a world where replicants are legal, and a sinister company named Persona manufactures a wide range of human-resembling robots, from personal bodyguards to corporate secretaries and salespersons to trenchcoated agents that may suddenly monster out into grotesque humanoid beasts - think GENOM from Bubblegum Crisis. The average person dreams of owning a Persona, a robot who will make his life so much easier. The players know the truth, that the Personae are designed to infiltrate society and take them over from the inside out. Mix in police powered armor suits and giant mecha theoretically for use in the "Contested Zones", and you have a city where violence may erupt anywhere for no apparent reason.

Battles for Places of Power in Megapolis resemble scenes out of the Matrix or Blade: black trenchcoated agents will show up and fight it out, then clean things up afterward.

Places of Power tend to form on rooftops, abandoned train stations, buildings under construction, the aerospace port, and occasionally, the nearby military base's target practice range - this usually results in at least a few giant robots showing up and the "heavy guns" getting brought out.

A grey, smoky city of concrete skyscrapers and faux wood panels, this is the city of pulp fiction with gumshoe detectives and bare-chested adventurers (male, not female).

Places of Power tend to form in "Scenes" that open up from here, accessed through the city's airport and a flight of long subjective hours through a driving hard rain - mysterious ruins deep in the tropical rain forest or barren deserts, but also in local shootouts like bars and newspaper offices, or the globe at the top of the TV station's skyscraper.

A fictional San Francisco in the heydays of the Gold Rush, and a sizable slice of California coastline, complete with Indian graveyards and reservations - not accurate at all as the entirety of the Wild West timeline gets squished into an area small enough for players to reasonably cross in a day.

Places of Power tend to form in the depth of mines, ancient Aztec ruins uncovered by prospectors, mysterious rock formations honored by the Indians, saloons, banks, hidden shrines in behind Chinese laundries, and once, Emperor Norton the First was declared a Place of Power.

London as it was around the turn of the century, if the turn had included giant coal-powered robots, immense airships plated in brass, and mad scientists bringing reanimated humans back to life. A variety of gadgets can be found here that would require Knowledge: Weird Science to understand or operate.

While Places of Power have formed in or near such notable landmarks as Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Newgate Prison, the London Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower of London, and Westminster Abbey, a lot of minor battles get fought in random places in the city, overlooked by stone gargoyles.

A fictitious city set in Europe, it's a gorgeous blue and ivory gem with gondolas crossing the canals, clandestine rendezvouses beneath leafy arbors, and the occasional backstabbing and poisoning to relieve the tedium of feasts.

Places of Power will form in gorgeous scenic spots like the Basilica of San Marie and its nearby Piazza, Sainted Mary's Square, the Rialto Bridge, but also in out of the way shady gardens, in the shadows-filled twisty alleys that open up into courtyards overlooked by blinded statues of saints, and in catacombs beneath the city, echoing and cobwebbed.

Set in the Germanic woodlands, this small (by modern standards) medieval city is loomed over by a castle where the Count resides. The Sleepers whisper that he might actually be a vampire... Little do they know the truth. Nevertheless, revealing one's Awakened status can be a ticket to an impromptu "housewarming" if one isn't careful here.

Places of Power will form in one of the several castles that can be found here - Bran Castle, a military fortification, Poenari Castle where the Count actually resides - or in the necropolis, a graveyard so large it could almost be called a city, built over the ruins of past cities.


This dimension is more woodland than city, and stretches between the two rival elf-cities of the Seelie and the Unseelie, fae at war with one another. Tricksters also have territories and enclaves in Faerie. Unlike other dimensions, all the people who live in this dimension are able to see and interact with the Awakened, though they are still a flighty bunch and prefer not to fight unless the odds are on their side.

Places of Power tend to form in open clearings, watched over by looming trees, or circles of standing stones. Very rarely they will occur in the faerie cities themselves, which gives one side a strong advantage from the local defenders, and the other side an incentive to raid the city.
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