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Alexy PetrovichAll modern characters are familiar with the urban setting of the near future. They are able to operate modern vehicles, which have reasonably standardized controls. Nearly everyone speaks English, either as a first or second language.

Characters who are returning from Avatars 1.0 will begin as Seasoned characters - they receive an additional 20 XP (4 Advances) at the beginning of the campaign. In addition, they will receive:


Skills below are either in addition to or replacing skills that appear in the Test Drive. For more information on skills, it may be beneficial to see Av2SkillsDiscussion.

Driving - covers both ground and hover vehicles. Note that most vehicles have autopilots for traveling between nav points, but you need Driving for manual control and evasive maneuvers.

Computers - replaces Investigation. You are adept at using search engines and intelligent agents to uncover clues in the net. You can also better direct AIs and robots to perform complex operations with better tolerance of unforeseen circumstances.
Knowledge - examples of useful subjects include AIs, Battle, Bureaucracy, Cybernetics, Modern Law, Powergaming, or Weird Science.
Tracking - in addition to following someone's tracks, you can find tiny clues and hidden objects or compartments.

Hacking - disarm cybernetic security systems. This is discussed in more details in Av2Hacking.


Note: all heroes automatically have the Hard to Kill Edge.

CyborgCyberdoc - requires d6 Repair and d8 Medicine. You can install and fix cyberware. Gives +2 to your Repair roll to fix a broken cybernetic device. Success against a target of 4 causes it to be "juryrigged" (functioning at -2), each Raise reduces this penalty by 1 to a maximum of +0.

Cybernetics - an Arcane Background allowing you to install cybernetic devices. You begin with 20 power points and one power or monstrous ability. You suffer from -1 Charisma due to negative reactions to your visible implants.
Neural Jack - allows you to directly connect to computers. You receive +2 to Computers and Hacking while directly connected but you place yourself at greater risk; see Av2Hacking for more information. When connected to a vehicle, you can perform actions while driving at a -2 multi-action penalty. Does not require Cybernetics, does not reduce charisma.
Programmer - you gain +2 to Computers and Hacking rolls and Knowledge rolls involving computers or AIs.


AI - Minor, requires Smarts be d8 or less. Your character is an AI of some sort and may not understand humans very well. Any time you are asked a question that cannot be answered with a simple yes/no, or given an order that requires more than a single action to perform, you must roll Smarts against a target of 4 to determine whether you understood it. Others may use their Computers skill to better phrase these, giving you a cooperative skill bonus. Smarter AIs do not have this Hindrance.

Different - Minor. You have cosmetic implants of some kind that have no gameplay impact but make you look different than the human norm, such as cat ears and tail, glowing eyes, LCD tattoos, et cetera. Some NPCs will react negatively. If you have the Cybernetics Edge, you may not claim Different for additional advances, but you can still include cosmetic implants for free.

Cyberpsycho - Major. Whether due to PTSD or badly tuned neural implants, any time you are in a stressful situation, you must make a Spirit roll. If you fail, you go psycho, attacking the nearest person with intent to kill. You can make a Spirit roll each round to recover but if you roll 1, you must wait 2d4 rounds before your next attempt to recover. While under the effect of Cyberpsycho, you gain the benefits of the Berserk Edge, but with the continued ability to use guns.

Replicant - Major. You are either an android or clone programmed to emulate a human. If caught, you will be destroyed, though you may have the opportunity to escape before the sentence is carried out.

Your character will have a character with one of the VR worlds. You receive a free Knowledge: VR Game World (Avatars or Gloaming).
VR Character - free Edge. With this, you gain d4 Knowledge: VR Game World (Avatars or Gloaming). Create a character according to Av2VRCharacters .
Level Up - not a free Edge. Your VR character gains 20 XP (4 Advances). You also increase your Knowledge: VR Game World skill by one die type.

If you choose not to create a VR character, you may substitute any Edge you want, but you will have no familiarity with either VR game world.


You begin with N$2500 ("New Dollars") for personal gear, and you may have access to additional equipment or vehicles through your job, friends and contacts, or as a result of favors done for influential persons.
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