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Campaign Rules

Avatars 2.0 uses "Pulp Rules" to encourage a more "action movie" style. Heroes should feel more free to take risks in this system, though death isn't impossible.

Character Creation

If you do not already have a copy of the Savage Worlds rules, please refer to the Test Drive book for basic character creation.

You'll begin with a modern world (2069 AD) character. You get 5 attribute points and 15 skill points, and you may take one free Edge of your choice. You can take up to one Major Hindrance and up to two Minor Hindrances to get additional Advances.

As part of creating your modern character, you'll be able to take the free VR Character Edge and receive a free Knowledge: VR Game World skill. Your VR Character works like your modern world character; you get 5 attribute points, 15 skill points, and one free Edge of your choice.

If you opt out of this, you get a free Edge instead, but you do not receive the free Knowledge: VR Game World skill.

Basic Character Details

In addition to what your character can do and what's in his inventory when Strange Things Happen in the Big City, you might want to fill out some other details. For example:

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