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Randall Cranston - a junior field agent for the Cybercrime Emergency Response Team, formerly of the New York Police Department.
Holly Trudeau - Vice President of Security at Avatars LLC.
Mark Trudeau - a highly placed executive at Avatars LLC and the husband of Holly Trudeau. Formerly divorced, they have reconciled and now live together again.
Tracy Trudeau - daughter of Holly Trudeau. Sometimes ribbed over how similar her name sounds to a famous NPC in Avatars.
Jason Edwards - Proprietor of Reality Check, a computer security firm operating in North Bend, New Jersey. Owns a robotic pet in the form of a small Chinese dragon, RIU.
Akiko Summers - currently employed at Arcadia Enterprises. A missing person who reappeared at the Avatars Park during the Fracture terrorist attack.
Inari - a golden vixen biosculpt, star vocalist for the band Fracture around the Greater Los Angeles area - no relation to the legendary terrorist group.
Vilius Irons - employed for several years at Avatars LLC, he quit in 2068 to start his own company, Irongrip Security. With a picked crew of armed ex-military, he provides protection to corporate executives visiting North Bend among other services.
Andrei Romanov - a brilliant but vindictive executive at Dantech. He originates from the Russian part of the Greater Asian megabloc and briefly went to school with Jason Edwards, but they took a disliking to each other. Responsible for causing Jason to be implanted with a tracer chip after an ill-fated attempt by Jason to penetrate Dantech's security, though this was part of a deal with unknown entities, probably AIs, possibly the White.
Charles "Chaz" Burgundy - a senior sysadmin and troubleshooter at Avatars LLC.
Agent Madison Green - a chief field analyst in the Cybercrime Emergency Response Team. Dark complexion female in her mid-40s.
Marge Polowski - senior shift superintendent for the NYPD.
Penny Arcadia - daughter of John Arcadia. She owns what remains of Arcadia Enterprises, a controlling share and estate in Arcadia Tower and an investment in the other Towers.
Adam Dexter - a 14 year old teenager who plays Aldestre in Avatars. (he was 10 at the time of the Shutdown) A founding member of the 'VR is Real' megablog, a quasi-news organization that spreads the meme that in some way, virtual reality worlds are actually real and have crossed over into our world in the past. He and many others were present at the Fracture attack, but he managed to escape unharmed.
Katerina Roberts - an agent of the Internet Consumer Protection agency, who plays Josephine l'Arsenne in Avatars. Credited with having saved Adam Dexter among others from the Fracture attack.

Lady Tracer of House Trudeau - an adventuresome rogue, with a flying black nightmare Avatar named Heavenly. Formerly the PC of Tracy Trudeau, she is now a star NPC leading the Tasavaran Empire's efforts to resist the Empire of Stars. When not striking deep into their territories, she writes darkly compelling poetry that has been collected into a popular blog by her fans, and vows bitter revenge against a VNPC named "Vampire Queen Sasha".
Captain "Grey" Randall - pirate and captain of the Ozymandias, a dreadnought "liberated" from the Empire of Stars. He has an ice dragon wyvern Avatar, Mara. Played by Randall Cranston.
Archbishop Roquas the Sixth - the current head of the Temple of the Holy Spark, the dominant religion of the Tasavaran Empire. He preaches compassion and goodwill, though with the understanding that sometimes only force will serve against enemies like the Empire of Stars. A VNPC, he often appears in new players' starting experiences to welcome them to the city of Tasavalta.
Old Delphine - an aether witch who lives on Shipwreck. She tells futures and answers riddles for a price, one hundred gold per question.
Lord Valbar - one of the older Tasavaran heroes, a VPC who won a pivotal battle in the Tasavaran civil war by charging his destroyer into a fleet of Southern ships. There's an off-again on-again romance going on between him and Lady Tracer.
Lady Nya - a cat girl with a purring poofball cat Avatar named "Fat-Cat". Unknown player.
Vagrant Star - a warrior with a heavy cloak and muffler, and a giant sword Augment. Unknown player.
Jaguero - an Aztec-style warrior with jaguar spots on his clothes, including his armor, and a quetzalcoatl Avatar. Unknown player.
Aldestre - ranger of the King's Explorers, a guild dedicated to discovering all the secrets of the Avatars game universe. His Avatar is Kyriel, a flame bird. Played by Adam Dexter.
Josephine l'Arsenne - a cleric of the Temple of Light. Her Avatar is Quickling, a feathered snake. Played by Katerina Roberts.
Solanca - A silver-haired man in gray leathers with a sand cat-shaped elemental Avatar, one of the King's Explorers. Florid writing style but matter of fact in person. Attempted to purchase the Ozymandias from Captain "Grey" Randall. Player identity unknown.
Ton Weigh - King's Explorers. Player identity unknown.
Sage Fjalar - a VNPC tasked with monitoring and rewarding the efforts of VPCs in the Test North Bend simulation.

Blake Forester - AI programmer at Avatars LLC, formerly at Programmable Matter Corp. One of numerous reported casualties in the Fracture terrorist attack on the Avatars Park in southern California.
Jenny Fry - last seen in the company of Blake Forester. Presumed dead.
Nick Fry - last seen in the company of Blake Forester. Presumed dead.
Sasha Knightley - last seen in the company of Blake Forester. Presumed dead. Among other escapades in her remarkably varied past, had had an affair with Mark Trudeau that led to his divorce with Holly Trudeau.

John Arcadia - investor who sunk all his money into developing an arcology in the North Bend area. When it partially collapsed in the 2050s, he recouped some of his money by selling off most of it and rebuilding the best parts into what are now known as the Towers. Deceased.

The White - one of several Avatars LLC "Artificial Deities" (ADs) that was tasked with providing assistance to and preventing the VR death of VPCs, to ensure their gameplay was as enjoyable as possible. It crashed during the Fracture terrorist attack and had to be reinitialized from the basic core program, which took several months before Avatars could resume operation.
The Black - another Avatars LLC AD, this one was tasked with providing the players challenges appropriate to their skill and power level.
The Grey - an Avatars LLC AD, tasked with managing the physical processes of the Avatars world.
Hel - the Avatars LLC AD in charge of security.
Ganglot - a sub-AI which runs building security in the Avatars LLC headquarters.
Gangloti and Ganglat - appear as male and female robed persons with Nordic features and braided hair. Subprocesses of Hel.
Skyrmir - Blake Forester's lab AI.

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