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Bionic EyeCybernetics - an Arcane Background allowing you to install cybernetic devices. You begin with 10 power points and one power. Normally you recover power only outside of combat and chase scenes. You may suffer from -1 Charisma due to negative reactions to your visible implants.

The following edges require Cybernetics:

The following Powers may make sense to purchase as active power-using devices or implants. You should choose one with your Cybernetics Edge. Additional powers beyond the first one can be purchased with the New Power Edge.

Important: not all possible cybernetic implants are listed here.

Neural Jacks, Wireless, and Coprocessor implants are discussed in Av2ModernCharacters. These do not require the Cybernetics edge, and do not carry the charisma penalty that Cybernetics and Cyborg do.

You should refer to Savage Cyberware for a more complete list of devices that might be available as implants. However, rather than costing money, you would pay for implants with Edges. If a device is not useful enough to be worth an Edge by itself, you may bundle it with other devices, or you may buy it using money. In general, you can get N$5000 worth of cyberware per Edge.
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