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Gloaming Player Characters

You begin as if you were waking up at home, but there's a shadowy figure nearby, and a glowing door in a wall where there should ordinarily have been none. "Ah. You've awakened. Good. Come with me."

This mysterious person takes you to the Halls of Awakening and gives you a short rundown of the pages of the Gloaming - as he turns the pages, all the paintings on the walls change to different scenes from that dimension. At a mirror, you have the opportunity to change your PC's appearance if you would rather not look like your real life self, and then he brings you before a line of archetypes and introduces you to each one in turn. "Which one are you really, Awakened? Do you yearn for the company of a proud beast, one that will fight for you and kill for you? Do you feel nature stirring in your blood? Or is it a darker call in your blood?"

PC Types

Unlike Avatars's relatively limited selection of player types, you have many in the Gloaming.

Strider - you have a beast Companion. Like Avatars, they may range from small pet-like creatures (but far more useful) to large mounts. Use the Avatar Link arcane background.
Sentinel - you have a favored armor or weapon, called a Focus, that you can summon. Like Augments, they must be of moderate size and grow as you get stronger to enclose more of your body.
Mage - you can cast spells.
Shapeshifter - you are able to transform into a more powerful form.
Supernatural - you are imbued with both abilities and powers beyond the norm.


All Awakened begin with the skill Sense Portal. This lets them detect when a portal is nearby, and on a raise, where it goes. You can also use this ability to look for a portal that goes to a particular dimension.

Once you are close enough to touch a portal, you can automatically activate it for one round. It will be large enough for one person or a steed to pass through at a time; up to three people can pass through in a single round if they are all prepared to go through.

It takes power to hold a portal open, and to enlarge it. For each additional round you wish to hold the portal, you must spend one power point, either from yourself or from your Companion, who must be present and assisting you. For each doubling of the portal's size, you must spend an additional power point. Thus:

However, if you are near death, you can always open a Death Portal. This is a portal that only takes you (and your Companion if you have one). You will be thrown into the void "between pages" and after what seems like hours of floating through a gray void, being able to make out glimpses of other realities, you'll land in a random dimension, grievously wounded but alive.


Your character advances in level, but without the different types of insignia that Avatars has - you are simply a level one Strider, level two Strider, etc.

Instead, you join one of the various factions that are warring with one another in the Gloaming, and advance in ranks within that faction. Doing so gives you access to higher level items and training.
GloamingFactions - for more details on the factions in the Gloaming.
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