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Consumer electronics are plentiful. Practically everyone who isn't out-and-out poor has a PDA or an earphone that keeps them in touch with everyone else.

Personal sidearms are not uncommon, more so in the Works and the Dregs where you need them for self-protection. Guns mostly use mass accelerator technology that fits in the palm of one's hands, but it's still possible to find 'old fashioned' propellant-based firearms in the hands of collectors. Explosives are clean fuel-air-based explosives. Biowarfare is illegal, as is nanotechnology capable of self-replication.

Most individuals don't own vehicles, but instead, use the public transportation system, or share communal hover-vehicles, ranging from bikes to cars to buses, all of which are electric and will recharge on widely available landing pads when not in use. These can be called for an autopilot pickup. Skybuses make regular trips between the Towers and Districts.

"Artificial Intelligence" is present in many places, but usually very limited - unless your question is very simple or one of those for which they were prepared, they'll have to refer it up to an actual human. Thus virtual receptionists and sales representatives are quite common, prepared with extensive spiels about their companies. People experienced with AIs will quickly see the giveaway mannerisms even in VR.

"Artificial Deities" are a step above normal AIs - but despite their ability to speak in a very natural and intelligent fashion, it should not be assumed that they think like humans. They are less and more than that. They have vast computational capabilities and can simulate whole societies according to accepted theories, but for all their power, individual human emotions and morality remain difficult for them to comprehend. For this reason, ADs are kept under strict control with network monitors in place to prevent them from reproducing themselves elsewhere, and guillotine protocols are installed on all major connections so that they can be shut off immediately if there's any sign they are going rampant.

ADs must run on quantum cores - nothing else has the processing capability. They cannot run on clouds of computers without so drastically reducing their speed that they may as well be normal AIs.

Robots generally come in these models:
However, many robots are animatronics - specially built robots that can be made in the form of a wide variety of beasts. They range from pet-sized sold as toys for the kids and kids-at-heart, to lions and horses found in amusement park and zoos, all the way up to giant mechanized company mascots that resemble living parade floats. These robots can be further enhanced with fake skin and fur, and given tiny electro-muscles that let them seem very lifelike - the question is whether you can afford it.

Most diseases are curable, the problem is affording the cure.

Genetic engineering isn't available to the poor or middle class except to eliminate hereditary diseases. The rich use it to ensure their children have every advantage, but eccentric rich will sometimes add a few "designer touches". If a player wants to play an anthropomorph or other type of radically engineered character, it's possible but they will have to have had rich parents, and their looks will draw attention.

When people want to draw looks, of course, that's when designer surgery comes in. Want cat ears? No problem - electro-reactive plastic ears covered in fine faux fur are readily available for a price, and don't require a full cybernetics suite. This only incurs a charisma loss if you look like a cyborg.

Actual biological chimerae are feasible, but not on a mass-produced basis. If one is encountered, it will be a rich person's plaything or an escaped research program subject.

Cloning of humans and recording brainwaves is illegal, but that doesn't stop some people from doing it. However, it is possible to detect a clone due to trace signatures of the process used to build them. Once a clone is apprehended by government agencies or corporate security - think of Blade Runner here - it is sentenced to humane execution. This is the subject of a popular holodrama, We're All Alike (Under The Skin).

Bionic prosthetics are available, but will usually awaken pity or unease from those who are aware of these, especially if the prosthetics are colored or shaped in a way that violates human norms - they've all seen the shows where someone goes nuts and massacres everyone around.

Cyborgs are in use by some more extreme security forces. It costs a lot to build them, so while they are individually extremely capable and dangerous, it isn't seen as cost effective by most corporate security agencies. Their very presence strikes a chill into the heart of those around them. Again, the whole cyborg goes berserk thing. Initial market tests for a show that featured a cyborg hero were uniformly negative.
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