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This campaign uses 'Movie Rules' similar to the 'Pulp Rules' described in 'Daring Tales of the Sprawl'. For the purposes of the online campaign, an Adventure is defined as a story arc, beginning with a specific plot such as a rogue AI seeking to escape confinement, and ending when the plot is resolved.


Heroes begin with 3 bennies - 4 with Luck, or 5 with Great Luck. This is replenished at the beginning of each game session if they are below this amount.

At the beginning of any combat or chase scene, each hero receives a benny, up to their starting limit. This allows heroes to spend at least one benny in each combat.

Heroes may still receive bennies for exceptional role-play, above and beyond their starting limit, but while over the limit they will not get any more from normal means or for Complications they encounter in the game.

Excess bennies at the end of game sessions are not converted to experience points, they are just carried over to the next session.


While you can use a benny to make a Vigor roll to soak attacks that would inflict a wound or two, sometimes it's a better defense not to be there in the first place, especially if you are under fire from heavy weapons.

If and only if an attack would instantly incapacitate you, you may opt to spend a benny to Evade. Roll Agility against a target number of 4; if successful, you manage to jump to safety and take no damage, but unless you get a Raise, you will be Shaken. You may spend an additional Benny to recover from being Shaken.

You automatically have the Hard to Kill Edge. You do not add a wound penalty when rolling Vigor to avoid being Incapacitated.

In addition, if you fail your Vigor roll, you do not begin Bleeding Out. Instead, roll 2d4. This is how many rounds you must remain unconscious before you can start making Vigor rolls to try to recover from Incapacitation.

Recovery time is when the heroes are out of combat and have a chance to catch their breath, visit a base of operation or a vehicle where they may reasonably have stashed spare clips or supplies. Everyone can replenish spent ammunition and recharge power sources for free at these times.

Each Wild Card hero recovers one fatigue level automatically when they have time to catch their breath. Unconscious heroes will wake up and be at -3 from wounds.

If you have someone with Medicine and adequate tools and supplies, you may have your healer make one Medicine roll per person to recover one or more wounds.


Extras do not use exploding dice for their damage rolls, i.e. if they hit the maximum number for a die, they do not reroll it. This means the most damage a soldier with a Submachine Gun (2d6) could do would be 12 points, which would translate into one or two Wounds depending on the hero's Toughness.


A Contact is someone the player's character happens to know, relevant to the character's background, who may be able to offer some small resources or information. Contacts are not as powerful as those found via the Connections Edge; while a few spare magazines, a first aid kit, or some clues may be available, they won't be able to offer an army of Extras or solve the mystery for the players.

Players may invent one Contact per player per Adventure, and no more than one Contact may be introduced each Act - that is, even if all the players have ideas for Contacts who may be able to help for a given Adventure, only one will be available in a given game session, to prevent the game from dragging on too long as players check everywhere they might be able to find help.

For example, if the players are trying to track down the rogue AI, Tracy might recall a police officer she'd met once, a Randall Cranston, and suggest they call on him. While he might be busy with a full case load, he might be able to locate the stolen truck and give them the address of a warehouse where, possibly, the AI might have abandoned the truck.
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