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Normally powered armor is available only to elite military troops and costs in the hundreds of thousands of new dollars. A brave few will attempt to engineer their own, however. This will require spending at least one Edge in order to build and be capable of maintaining a suit of powered armor. This suit will not be, at least initially, as powerful as the high-end military suits but it can be more flexible or specialized.


Arcane Background: Inventor, Powered Armor
Edge: Improved Powered Armor
Powered Armor normally weighs 20 lbs (base) when not being worn, but when worn, it provides enough strength augmentation that you may ignore its weight.

Powered Armor can be repaired using Repair, but installing new devices into Powered Armor requires either the Weird Science Skill or Repair and the McGyver Edge. These devices may themselves require a Weird Science skill roll to activate.

Unless specially trained, people cannot equip powered armor except clumsily (they are at -2 to all skill rolls). Inventors are able to wear their own powered armor suits without penalty.

You may purchase these from your gear budget:

Purchasing mods as natural abilities means they does not count toward your carried weight, due to the powered armor being increased in strength to compensate for their weight, but the armor itself may become heavier.

You may install weapons in your powered armor. They are controlled just as normal weapons would be, i.e. guns would use Shooting, and melee weapons (retractile or not) would use Fighting. They count toward your carried weight limit.

You may install gadgets just as if you were carrying them.
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