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VR Characters

Captain Charity DawnAll VR characters are familiar with the low level areas of settings in which they live. Your main character receives Knowledge: VR Game World (Avatars or Gloaming) to reflect this. However, it is not a given that they can operate vehicles of their time period; these must be taken as skills.

VR characters can advance much more quickly than main characters. You might find yourself able to afford a new VR character advance practically every session in which you play your VR character, whereas your main character might only receive enough XP to buy an advance after completing entire storyline arcs.

General Skills

Gloaming-only Skills

Arcane Background

You should choose one of the following Arcane Backgrounds for your VR character. You can never change this later without starting over with a new VR character.

* Note: Illusion is represented as Elemental Manipulation: Light. 1 power point will allow you to manipulate a small area, i.e. face obscuring for 10 minutes. 2 power points will allow you to manipulate an area the size of a figure, i.e. appear as human. 3 power points will allow you to manipulate a larger creature or object, i.e. an aircar. Illusions are applied as Tricks (opposed Smarts rolls) against opponents, at +1 to your roll.


Note: all VR characters automatically have both Hard to Kill and Harder to Kill at 100% effectiveness.

For all but Avatar and Lycanthrope Links, you may take the New Power and Increase Power Pool Edges as normal (once each per Rank). The Rapid Recharge Edge is gone. (30 minutes, or even 15 to recover a power point, is an eternity in a movie-style campaign)

Chinese Dragon

Promote Avatar - grants your Avatar two Advances and either a Size increase or a Trait increase to reflect your Avatar's growing power. Your Avatar can then purchase New Power and/or Increase Power Pool if you so desire. May not be taken more than once per Rank.

Avatar Sense - allows you to see, hear, and feel what your Avatar does. Grants +1 to Avatar Link rolls.

Heal Avatar - you can channel energy into your Avatar. Roll Avatar Link against a target of 4 to give up one level of Fatigue to cure one of your Avatar's Wounds. Each Raise allows you to cure one additional Wound at no additional cost. Nothing happens on a failure. On a Botch, you are Shaken, but your Avatar will not take any further damage.

Stronger Form - you can add two advances and either a Size increase or a Trait increase to your shifted form. You can take this Edge once per Rank.

Additional Form - you can shift into a different form. Usually a Lycanthrope would take this to be able to shift into both a humanoid wolf form and a true wolf form. This has the same power cost as the first form and by default, the same abilities; if you want different abilities, you will need to consult the GM.

Natural Shifter - you add +2 to your Shapeshifting skill rolls, making it easier to shift in form.

Alchemy - requires d8 Smarts. You can make magical potions. You can make no more than one potion a day, and you cannot have more than one potion at a time, either on your own person or given to others. You do not need Knowledge: Alchemy to make potions as they are considered "basic" to the profession.

Rune Engraving - you can inscribe magical wards in the ground, or on objects, which confer magical benefits. You can only inscribe one rune a day, and you cannot keep the rune from one day to the next. The basic rune is a Barrier that keeps monsters out, with a 5 power point pool. Requires d8 Smarts.


Your character begins with VR$500. (a Seasoned character would begin with VR$2500) This is a shorthand for 'the local currency of the VR game world' - in actuality the units and value of currencies will vary from one place to another.

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