Genies Abandoned


Genetic engineering has been banned on Earth and its colonies ever since the Ninety Percent Wars... But its creations have been kept in cold storage against a desperate need. Ten years ago, a renegade genius, Dr. Moon, stole nineteen embryos and escaped to Salairt II, a desolate planet on the far side of Kirin'zha space. He began to create the seeds of a society that would someday supplant humanity.

But plans rarely go as expected, and Dr. Moon is no exception to the rule. He has been captured by bounty hunters. Now his children, only ten years old, must survive without his help. But even as they struggle, their eyes will be fixed on the stars... Their birthright.

About the Setting

This is a science fiction setting based heavily on Star Trek, specifically the Enterprise series, but I am doing a fair amount of 'filing off serial numbers', so the technology and background elements will vary considerably.

It is inspired by the Augments story arc in Enterprise. Specifically, I had a hard time believing that super-intelligent people would resort to the idiotic violence and chest-beating that ran rampant through the episodes. (Borderland, Cold Station 12, The Augments) Having been enjoying fiction that aimed at more intelligent characters (Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality I thought it might be interesting to try writing a 'road not taken' fanfic.

Table of Contents


GeniesWorldSalairtII - Salairt II, the world upon which the Genies begin their adventure.
GeniesAsclepiusStation - Asclepius Station, the cold-storage facility from which Dr. Moon escaped with the Genies' embryos


GeniesStarships - a discussion of starship technology at the time of the story
GeniesShipGuide - specific starships and space-going vessels found in the Genies setting
GeniesPersonalTechnology - a discussion of technology designed to be carried or operated on a personal level such as weapons and computers


GeniesTimeline - a broad overview
GeniesTheOnePercentWar - the uprising of humanity against its genetically engineered overlords, the 'Genies', which led to a ban against genetically engineering humans

Alien Races

GeniesRacesOmuroids - the Omuroids are a race of vaguely British-styled freebooters and ne'er-do-wells which correspond to the Nausicaans of the Enterprise series. Except, not idiots.
GeniesRacesKirinzha - the Kirin'zha are a vaguely Oriental-styled race of conquerors and nobles which correspond to the Klingon of the Enterprise series. Except, not idiots.
GeniesRacesEffendi - the Effendi are a vaguely Arabian-styled race of traders and business-cats which correspond to the Ferengi of the Enterprise series. Except, not idiots.
GeniesRacesAresian - the Aresians are a red-hued version of the Vulcans of the Enterprise series.


GeniesFood - food and culinary technology found in the setting
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