The Omuroids

Based on the Nausicaans of Enterprise, the Omuroids are a vaguely Britannic race of freebooters, scoundrels, and ne'er-do-wells.

They are pebbly gray-skinned humanoids, shorter and squatter than humans. Despite their apparently obese builds, they are quite strong and of above average speed. Low-rank Omuroids will wear mix-and-match armor, painted with clan colors and markings, adorned with cloth scarves. Higher-rank Omuroids wear greatcoats and jackets similar to old-time British naval uniforms; the gaudier and less combat effective the uniform, the greater their evident status.

Omuroid culture centers around 'gurumba', which is closest to the Earth word 'chutzpah'-- that is, those who strive for the greatest challenges and (this is important) can pull it off will be honored the most. The leader of any given group is generally addressed as 'Gurumbassa' (female) or 'Gurumbassi' (male), "She/he who leads the hunt because no one else has the stones she/he does."At the same time, Omuroids also respect caution and proper precautions that keep the hunt alive; those who embody this tradition are known as 'Perundara' or 'Perundari', "Professional coward." Omuroid culture balances between these extremes: the Gurumbassa leads, the Perundara returns.

Their language is called "Omui."

Death ends all obligations; debts are not inherited by the children, possibly to forestall grudges from swelling into clan feuds. They say, "Whatever sins your fathers carried, death has washed away. May the stars of your afterlife shine favorably on you."
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