Pulse Weapons - found in a variety of form factors, these weapons work by firing a burst of electrically charged plasma which impacts the target and delivers a jolt to their nervous system. They're functionally useless against anyone wearing fully enclosed and insulated armor or behind an EM shield, but if the plasma burst hits any exposed skin, the target will be stunned. The standard burst is calculated to stun a target adult of most species for several minutes, during which time they can be restrained. Note that it is possible to kill someone with overuse of this weapon.


Ceramic armor - composed of many layers of ceramic and plastic, these types of armor will absorb and distribute kinetic impacts exceedingly well and will ablate under energy weapon fire, buying precious time for the wearer to dive for cover.


Scanner wands - these handy devices fulfill the role of Star Trek tricorders, analyzing the air or whatever they're directly pointed at with the touch of a button. Linked to a suit-mounted computer, they'll report any hazards they can detect. Unlike tricorders, scanner wands can only perform surface or ambient scans, not penetrating scans such as 'density scans' to locate hidden rooms or ojects inside a structure.

Respirator - simple self-contained breather apparatus which normally includes an atmospheric regenerator which extends the small air supply by processing exhaled air. Even so, they cannot be used for extended periods without changing out the compressed air capsules. Most humanoid races in the sector breath oxygen and exhale CO2.

Goggles - visors able to fit a variety of humanoid faces to protect eyes from atmospheric irritants. Tactical goggles may include optical or digital zoom, image enhancement, and automatic polarization against excessive light.

Headset - simple clip-on or 'glue-on' (no actual glue is involved but it's the same principle) communication devices which allow two-way connection with someone far away. Most use simple EM waves, but higher-end tactical headsets will include directed laser whiskers with tracking motors or focused EM bursts to reduce the chance of being eavesdropped upon.

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