Starship-- ECAS-12 Haktun Khemarra - the name translates to Toothpick of the Empire. It is arrow-head shaped and mounts two hyperspace sails, above and below. Its hull is painted blood red with streaks of brown, with plasma scorches and freshly replaced sections of armor marking it as a combat veteran. This is the freebooter starship which captures Dr. Moon at the outset of Genies Abandoned.

Shuttle - (no name yet) a blunt arrowhead-shaped 'dropship'. Can seat up to 12 persons, with pilot and navigator seats at the front. Limited cargo capacity with tie-downs, but all but the two crew seats can be folded into the walls to make room for more cargo. Equipped with a forward plasma shield and a chin-mounted gun. In-system drive only.


Cargo Skipper - (no name yet) an ant-shaped shuttle with a forward crew compartment, a flattened plate for the main body mounting anti-grav pods underneath and an ovoid engine compartment in the rear. No weapons or shielding. The one belonging to the Genies has been painted brown and gray to match the surface of Salairt II. In-system drive only.
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