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Everyone has a first MMO they loved. Would you go back to yours if it came back to life?

It's the year 2079, a near-future that has seen the Earth reshaped by successive disasters like the rise of the sea level, acid rain and sky-shrouding storms. The privileged few live in arcologies , sheltered from the hostile environment by meters of bulletproof glass and steel. Many more live in the crumbling old cities that surround these arcologies, working in dull, mind-numbing jobs. VR MMOs are their escapes, furnishing them with the chance to live out their own fantasies.

In the 2060s, the superheroes VR MMO Mu Factor became a cult hit. It was set in a near future similar to the real world, but one in which mutants began to appear amongst the population, shortly before the Ecoclysm hit in 2033. Mutants were blamed for these calamities, and soon the nations of the world joined together to require that all mutants must be Licensed and agree to serve the good of humanity, or else be confined to enclaves with others of their kind. Children bearing the Mu gene would be separated from non-mutant parents and sent to special schools, where any damage caused by their eventual Awakening would be limited.

Athena, leader of the Licensed, soon found herself opposed by a shadowy opponent, Zeus. Whether by design or omission, the legal mutant enclaves became overcrowded slums and mutants raised in the Dregs, the decaying suburbs that ringed the arcologies, grew up with a distrust of all authority including the Licensed and the 'norms', fearing that they would be imprisoned and enslaved. Zeus claimed that the Mu gene would soon spread to all humans, and that mutants deserved to be as free as their human counterparts-- but that freedom would not come until they broke their chains. Many heard his message and took up his cause, becoming Rogues.

Ten years went by in which Mu Factor enjoyed increasing success, as eager players passed word on to their friends. But in the end Dantech made Programmable Realities Inc. an offer they couldn't refuse. In quick succession, the game was sold, then shut down, and its code base went into Dantech's new VR MMO, the Gloaming. All of the things players had made, the memories they had made with other players, were lost to the Great Bit Bucket.

Now in the year 2079, the lead designer for Mu Factor has come forward with a bold plan. With a coalition of true fans, he has been able to raise enough money to acquire the abandoned franchise from Dantech, and he has developed a new kind of VR MMO technology, one that will ensure Mu Factor will never be shut down again.

He has sent the call out to old players and new alike. Who will come to see Mu Factor be reborn?

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HeroesMmoWorld - The World of Mu Factor
HeroesMmoTimeline - The Secret History of Mu Factor
HeroesMmoCombat - When Fists Meet Faces

HeroesRLSetting - The World Outside the MMO
HeroesRLTimeline - The History of the World Outside the MMO

HeroesPlotNotes - Plot Notes
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