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In the Mu Factor character creation system, as with most MMOs, players are presented with a handful of choices at the outset. More choices and options to customize their characters will be presented as they play.


Players may choose a variety of human body shapes, skin colors, hairstyles and colors, and preferred clothes, but as mutants they are also encouraged to choose ways in which their mutation manifests, making them visibly different. Players may change these later, but the cost of doing so will be higher the more they wish to change their character appearance.

Players may appear completely human if they wish, but they can never completely eliminate visible manifestations of their powers when using them-- at the very least their eyes or hands will glow.

To give some ideas, here are some random tables for selecting appearance:


Roll 2d6Result
2Ambiguous (androgynous or deliberately mysterious)
3Female (butch or tomboyish)
4Female (ladylike)
5Female (professional)
6Female (flirty)
7Male (macho)
8Male (professional)
9Male (gentleman)
10Male (scruffian)
11Male (bishonen)
12It's Complicated

Roll 1d6Result
1Pale White
2Healthy Pink
4Burnished Bronze
6Other. Roll again: 1. Red, 2. Orange, 3. Green, 4. Blue, 5. Purple, 6. Roll Twice.

Roll 2d6Result
2Short and squat, midget-like
3Significantly obese
4Slightly obese
5-6Slim and gracile, dancer-like
7-8Muscled, movie star-like
9Tall and thin, beanpole
10Heavy-set, muscled build
11Charles Atlas muscles
12Brute-like physique, hulking and hunched over

Roll 1d6Result
1Practically human except for glowing eyes or hands when using powers
2Normally human but transforms visibly when using powers i.e. 'Flame On!'
3-4Near-human, proper clothes or simple disguise could conceal differences
5Demi-human, would require poor lighting and heavy disguise
6Obviously not human, practically impossible to disguise


Roll 1d6Result
1Military crew cut or even bald
2Short pageboy or bob
3Medium, swept over one eye
4Medium, curls, braids, or dreadlocks
5Long and straight
6Masses of flowing curly or wavy hair

Roll 1d6Result
4White or silver
6Roll again. 1. Bright red, 2. Orange, 3. Green, 4. Blue, 5. Purple, 6. Roll Twice.

Roll 2d6Result
2Roll again. 1-4. Isle of California, 5-6. Hawaii
6New England City i.e. Chicago, New York
7Wild West i.e. Arizona, Texas
8Europe; roll again. 1. UK, 2. France, 3. Portugal, 4. Spain, 5. Germany, 6. Greece, Italy, etc.
9Southern or Cajun i.e. Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee


Roll 2d6Result
2-3Archaic costume or uniform
4-5Heavy armor/combat loadout
6-8Standard uniform
9-10Light armor/combat loadout
11-12Wildly designed personal uniform

Note: these randomizers are designed for random NPCs encountered. Players will be much more likely to choose distinctive personal outfits but it should be possible to recognize the faction of most powered beings at a glance even if one has never encountered them before.

League uniforms are blue with gold trim, while Rogue uniforms are black with silver trim. Even when wearing armor, the armor will be painted with appropriate colors.


Players select a major archetype which represents how they most want to play. They are not restricted to taking powers from this archetype, but these powers will be the most effective for them.

Roll 2d6Result
2Summoner (uses pets or conjured entities)
3-4Controller (manipulates the environment to attack or hinder one's enemies)
5-6Scrapper (strong melee damage, medium defenses)
7-8Blaster (strong ranged damage but weak defenses)
9-10Guardian (strong defenses but medium attacks)
11Defender (buff allies, debuff enemies)

Players then select from a range of supported 'Elements', which reflect the special effects of their power. Elements are stronger or weaker against other elements, i.e. a mutant with fire-based powers would be weaker against one with water-based powers, but their relative levels and strength with any given power will weigh more heavily, so a strong fire attack might be able to reduce a water shield to steam. Players may choose only one Element. Not all Elements are compatible with all Archetypes, i.e. many Elements don't offer obvious ways to heal others.

Roll 2d6Roll 1d6Result
31-3Nature (plant control or transformation)
34-6Wildlife (beast control or transformation)
124-6Time Control


Affinities affect how the players' powers operate, and thus how they can be opposed. These follow a kind of rock-paper-scissors logic:
magic characters are most effective (+33% effectiveness) against technology, technology is strong against natural , and natural is strong against magiccharacters.

Roll 2d6Result

Unpowered persons are simply humans, but have access to a range of magical artifacts, technological gadgets, and natural training. Where other players would choose powers, they may add new abilities onto devices they're carrying, or acquire new devices and training. These devices will be sturdier, recharge more quickly, and hold a greater charge than store-bought or battlefield-acquired devices, and if lost, the player will be able to obtain a new one, while incurring a temporary debuff to gained XP and reputation. No affinity is particularly strong against them, and their devices will have no particular strength against any affinity.

Not all powers will be readily available as devices. Generally only the most common powers will be available, with more complex and arcane devices requiring research and development in order to construct them.


Players gain access to a set of powers based on their chosen archetypes and Element. Some powers will have prerequisites, i.e. before a player can select 'Fly', she must take 'Hover'. Powers may also have multiple levels, so 'Fly 1' could allow a player to move at running speed, but 'Fly 2' would boost their speed to 30mph, 'Fly 3' to 100mph, and so forth.

Note: telepathy, mind control, precognition, time travel, and many other 'gamebreaking' powers are not available in 'Mu Factor' to players.

Example powers:

Note that players are not prohibited from taking powers outside their archetypes, i.e. an Ice Guardian might find value in taking melee or ranged ice attacks. However archetype powers will be strongest for players having those archetypes-- the Guardian's attacks will always be weaker than the Scrapper or Blaster's.

A new player will have five abilities: at least one from Scrapper or Blaster, one from Guardian, one movement power, and two powers of any archetype the player finds useful.
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