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All VR characters are familiar with the low level areas of settings in which they live and are able to ride domesticated and trained mounts. However, it is not a given that they can operate vehicles of their time period; these must be taken as skills.


Skills below are in addition to or replacing skills that appear in the Test Drive.

Sailing - allows you to pilot or crew a sailing ship or an airship.

Arcane Skill - used by mages. Allows you to direct your spells more accurately and with greater finesse.
Knowledge - you receive knowledge of the VR settings for free (Smarts roll) but knowledge of subjects such as Alchemy, Arcane Runes, Exploits, High Level Areas, or Secret Lore may all prove useful.
Tracking - in addition to following someone's tracks, you can find tiny clues and hidden objects or compartments.

Avatar Link - used by Links to improve their ability to control and communicate with their Avatar. Can be used as a cooperative skill to assist complex maneuvers like jumping from an Avatar's back onto a moving object, or if the Link is actively directing the Avatar in carrying out some action.
Supernatural - used by shapeshifters and other creatures of the night to better control their abilities.


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