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As a player, you will begin with 5 attribute points, 15 skill points, and a Background Package of your choice. You may choose no more than one Major Hindrance (worth one Edge) and two Minor Hindrances (each worth half an Edge) in addition to any Hindrances required by your Background Package.

You begin with 5.00 pounds, British Metric, which differs from Imperial pounds in that 1 pound = 10 shillings = 100 pence. Each pence is equal to $1 in Savage Worlds gear terms, i.e. leather armor or clothing providing the equivalence of leather armor (+1 armor, covers torso, arms and legs) costs 50 pence or 0.5 pounds. You may take Rich (a background edge) which increases your starting money to 15.00 pounds, and Filthy Rich (requires Rich), which increases your starting money to 25.00 pounds.

Note that your character will have his or her daily needs covered -- however your tuition was arranged, room and board are covered as are school supplies. Your character will also have basic clothes: an outfit for school, an outfit for wearing about town, and a Sunday best outfit. The above-mentioned money is for any additional tools or supplies you may wish to acquire.

If you opt to purchase consumables such as candles, torches, oil, food, arrows or bullets, these will represent your 'per adventure' consumables. In other words, you can replenish them to the amount you originally bought when you have successfully completed an adventure and are back at home, safe and sound.

Note: while the background packages are presented here so that players will have complete knowledge of their character creation options, in-game, characters will not normally be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the species other than their own.

You begin with one free Edge and no required Hindrances. You may or may not believe in the supernatural at the outset.

Whether your character is for or against the presence of supernatural creatures in London, you have a strange affinity with 'aether', a mystical substance that permeats the magical realms within which nearly all supernatural creatures dwell-- but you have chosen a more modern approach to handling it. You wield talismans, usually one per power which you can invoke. These talismans typically belonged to or were part of supernatural creatures, and were imbued with great power. If you should lose a talisman, you will no longer be able to invoke that power.

Your character worships at the altar of Science. Whether electricity, steam, magnetism, or the mysterious fifth element of 'aether', all of these are natural forces which when properly channeled, will achieve marvelous things. All humanity will bow before your mastery! Your character must have at least d8 Smarts with this background package.


The witches and warlocks of the Camford setting have little to do with Satanism or Wicca. They are inheritors of the sort of magic found in fairy tales, such as Baba Yaga of Slavic folklore, or Mother Hulda of the Brother Grimms stories, the witch who rewarded a hard-working girl with an apron of gold and covered the lazy one with tar. If you choose this background, your character was likely born in the Unterwald in central Europe, trained by one of these witches, then sent forth to find his or her fortune in the outside world.


Contrary to popular belief, werewolves are not created by simply biting random people; werewolves run in packs and spawn children to replenish their numbers. They are most commonly found in the Unterwald in central Europe, but some have been sighted in the English countryside.

Aos Sidhe are fey, born in the fading lands of Tir na N'og within Ireland. They normally shun the outside world, as rife with ironwork as it has become, but a few brave Sidhe have ventured out of its limits to seek out tales of wonders and artifacts of power with which to impress their peers in Queen Mab's Court.




Kitsune hail from the mythical land of Yamato, sometimes called Japan by the ignorant gaijin (foreigners). They are sly shapeshifters and tricksters. A kitsune begins as a fox and cannot shift to human form until around 50-100 years of age. Kitsunes are granted additional tails only for long or exceptional service to Inari, the deity of rice, fertility, and foxes, and are said to favor foods like tofu, especially fried pockets (aburaage) and adzuki beans.


Another of the supernatural race that hail from Yamato, Kappa have a plate on their head that must be kept wet at all times or they will lose their strength and possibly die. They have a strong affinity with water, but due to their reptilian skin, beak and shell, and webbing on their hands and feet, they must wear a glamour in order to pass among humans.


Vampires are not available as player characters due to their inability to attend classes during the daytime. They are small in numbers, mostly found in the Unterwald in central Europe, but some have been sighted in major cities throughout Europe and England and even in America.
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