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======Character Creation======

As a player, you will begin with 5 attribute points, 15 skill points, and a Background Package of your choice. You may choose no more than one Major Hindrance (worth one Edge) and two Minor Hindrances (each worth half an Edge) in addition to any Hindrances required by your Background Package.

You begin with 5.00 pounds, British Metric, which differs from Imperial pounds in that 1 pound = 10 shillings = 100 pence. Each pence is equal to $1 in Savage Worlds gear terms, i.e. leather armor or clothing providing the equivalence of leather armor (+1 armor, covers torso, arms and legs) costs 50 pence or 0.5 pounds. You may take Rich (a background edge) which increases your starting money to 15.00 pounds, and Filthy Rich (requires Rich), which increases your starting money to 25.00 pounds.

Note that your character will have his or her daily needs covered -- however your tuition was arranged, room and board are covered as are school supplies. Your character will also have basic clothes:
- an outfit for school
- an outfit for wearing about town
- a Sunday best outfit.

If you opt to purchase consumables such as candles, torches, oil, food, arrows or bullets, these will represent your 'per adventure' consumables. In other words, you can replenish them to the amount you originally bought when you have successfully completed an adventure and are back at home, safe and sound.

This campaign does not use a separate Guts skill; instead, characters will roll Spirit when asked to make Guts check versus blatantly supernatural or horrifying phenomenons.

====Camford-Specific Freebies====

All player characters begin with these skills and edges:

- Knowledge: Supernatural (Smarts) - d4
- Guts - you may use your Spirit for Guts checks, rather than needing to acquire the Guts skill.
- Sense Supernatural (Edge) - your character receives a Notice skill at -2 to detect the presence of the supernatural-- whether another creature, an item that radiates magic, or the nearness of a Lacuna, a place that allows one to cross between the normal world and the Realms of the supernatural. You will not be able to identify such items directly without using Detect/Conceal Arcana, only that they are nearby within a 10" (20 yards) radius.

====Background: Normal Human====

You begin with one free Edge and no required Hindrances. You may or may not believe in the supernatural at the outset, that's entirely up to you.

If your character is particularly skeptical about the supernatural and is not herself a supernatural creature of some sort, you may opt to take the **Rationalist** Edge:

- **Rationalist** Edge: reflecting your ability to explain any phenomenon away as a case of applied physics or previously undiscovered life, you may use Smarts instead of Spirit when making a Guts check vs blatantly supernatural or horrifying phenomenons, or to recover from being Shaken by such an event. In addition, you have an effective 2 points of Armor versus all magical attacks, and +2 for opposed Trait rolls which are magical in nature. Even friendly use of magic is subject to this penalty. You //must// have at least d8 Smarts, you must take the **Doubting Thomas** Hindrance (Major), and you may not be a supernatural creature.

The only Arcane Background open to normal humans is **Weird Science**. See the rulebook. You will need the **Weird Science** skill (Smarts) to control most inventions that aren't handled via Fighting, Shooting, Driving, or Piloting.

====Background: Ghost-Touched====

Whether your character is for or against the presence of supernatural creatures in London, you have a strange affinity with 'aether', a mystical substance that permeates the magical realms within which nearly all supernatural creatures dwell. This affinity could come about through having some amount of supernatural ancestry, being raised in one of the supernatural Realms, or coming into possession of a powerful artifact. Whichever is the case, you can access one of the magical Arcane Backgrounds in the rulebook, or consult with the GM about making an Arcane Background that fits your character.

Some examples:

- **Mesmerist**: by locking eyes with another person or creature, you are able to dominate their will. Your powers use the **Mesmerism** (Spirit) skill; if you roll a 1 on a Mesmerism skill roll, whether the wild die succeeds or not, your target will become aware that you are attempting to mesmerize them and may become hostile.
- As a Mesmerist, you begin with the **Puppet** power. Your target may roll Spirit to oppose your attempt, but if you are successful, they are unaware that you have hypnotized them and will simply assume that they had a good reason to follow your orders. You may give delayed or conditional orders. If you order the target to do something that would go against their nature, such as killing their allies or committing suicide, they may make an opposed Spirit roll to that specific action, possibly gaining circumstantial bonuses based on their moral code.
- You may use the New Power Edge to gain additional powers that fit the Mesmerism trappings such as Beast Friend, Boost/Lower Trait, Deflection, Entangle, Fear, Healing and Greater Healing, Obscure, Quickness, Speed, and Stun. Some of these may have area effects, i.e. you might cast Obscure by staring into the eyes of a crowd and telling them that all they see is darkness.
- You begin with 10 power points, and regain 1 power point per hour.

- **Ghost Hunter**: you hunt down and capture ghosts and other spirits, which you can then draw on to work magic. You begin with a **Ghost Capture** Power, Detect/Conceal Arcana, and one Spirit Friend. You will need the Ghost Control (Spirit) skill to use your Ghost Capture power or successfully cast spells through your spirits. You have 10 power points of your own and regain 1 power point per hour.
- **Ghost Capture** Power: like Bolt but only affects ghosts. If you successfully "kill" a ghost with this power, you capture it and can then use it as a Captured Spirit. This power can cause a corporeal being to become Shaken, but cannot Wound them. It can drive a spirit out of a body that is being possessed.
- **Detect/Conceal Arcana** Power: as the standard spell.
- Spirit Friend: you may choose one Power per spirit friend which is cast through your allied spirit. The spirit draws from your power points pool. This power is controlled by the Ghost Control (Spirit) skill. If you roll 1 on your spellcasting die, whether or not your wild die succeeds, you are Shaken. If you Botch, you may become temporarily possessed by your spirit friend.
- Captured Spirit: the GM will assign a Power to any ghosts that you have captured. They begin with anywhere between 3 and 10 power points. When they have run out of power points, they will dissipate. They do not normally regain power points; however you may grant them some of your own power points. The captured spirit must spend at least 1 power point in any attempt at magic, meaning you cannot keep a spirit indefinitely by using your own power to fuel all its magic. Like Spirit Friends, you must make your Ghost Control (Spirit) skill in order to cast a power using one, and you may become Shaken if you roll 1 on your spellcasting die, whether your wild die succeeds or not. If you Botch, you may become temporarily possessed by your captured spirit.
- You may not have more than half your Ghost Control (Spirit) skill in captured spirits, in addition to however many spirit friends you have, i.e. if you have d8 Ghost Control (Spirit), you cannot have more than 4 captured spirits at a time. You may release captured spirits at any time.
- If you spend an advance on a New Power Edge, you can convert a Captured Spirit to a Spirit Friend. This will grant you however many power points they had left, up to your own maximum.

====Background: Supernatural====

Your character hails from one of the many supernatural Realms that connect to the waking Earth. These Realms are suffused with 'aether', a mystical substance which empowers not only its inhabitants but also its creatures and plants, even the very rocks and rivers. Each Realm has its own culture and politics, but all connect to Earth through 'lacunae', places halfway between reality and dreaming.

**Note:** you should consult a GM over the specific Hindrances and Edges that would be granted to you by your background package. Background package Hindrances do not count against the maximum of one major Hindrance and two minor Hindrances that you may take.

Some examples of Realms and their supernatural creatures that might make good PCs:

- Unterwald, a Realm set in central Europe, filled with thick forests, bitter mountains, and shadowy castles.
- Werewolves, shapeshifters ruled by the moon
- Witches and warlocks, powerful and reclusive spellcasters
- Tir na Nog, a Realm set in deep Ireland, a place of verdant forests, murky swamps, and fairy palaces
- Aos Sidhe, glamour-wielding elves
- Selkies, shapeshifters who can shed sealskin coats to venture onto the land
- Yamato, a Realm set in the high mountains of Japan
- Kitsunes and Tanukis, animals that can take on human appearance and are famed for their trickster ways

Please consult with a GM if you're interested in other types of supernaturals!
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