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Characters are created using the Savage World rules.

You basically have 5 points to distribute to attributes, 15 points to spend on skills, and one Edge (as a human character), with the possibility to get more skill points and/or Edges if you pick up Hindrances (up to one Major Hindrance, and two Minor Hindrances. The option is open to play a non-human character, since genetic modification and robotic engineering do exist in this future setting, but requires approval from the GM for the 'racial package', which would replace the free Edge that humans get.

In addition to what your character can do and what's in his inventory when Strange Things Happen in the Big City, you might want to fill out some other details. For example:

Ethnicity, Physical Appearance, Distinctive Outward Characteristics, etc.
Hobbies/Special Interests.
Defining Personality Characteristics and Moral Outlook.
Whatever Else You Can Think Of That You Think is Relevant.
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