Space Angels

It's 2369, and humans in all their diverse kinds have spread across a hundred worlds. Earth and the Core Worlds are rich and powerful but dominated by a handful of mega-Corporations constantly vying for control. Too often their wars spill over onto the struggling Frontier worlds and colonies. Where battles rage, starships pay the price: one or another of the hundreds of vital systems gives way, and the lights go out, leaving a tumbling hulk spinning away into eternity.

That's where your team comes in. You're Space Angels, first on the scene to answer distress calls, investigate wrecked starships and rescue anyone still alive on those tin cans.

It's a rough, dirty job. Out in the warzones, you may find loose rounds of still-live munitions. Starships wrecked badly enough to burst their power cores may be radioactive, or venting toxic gases through their corridors. Sometimes alien life forms may have escaped from confinement and gotten into the vents. And sometimes ships just vanish.

But when you're the last crew on a dying ship and there's no hope of getting life support back up... That's when you start praying for a Space Angel.
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