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**Omphalos, a VRMMO Fantasy City**

Omphalos, the Navel of the Worlds, is a fantasy city inhabited by monstrous races at the confluence of six planes of existence. Toward its center, the ground drops away until all is consumed within the ever-hungry Maw. In this place, adventurers appear and seek out new and unique experiences, unlike any that they have experienced in comparable VRMMOs.

**Table of Contents**

OmphalosVRMMO - the rules and conventions which govern the VRMMO that takes place in Omphalos
- OmphalosCharacterCreation
- OmphalosHouseRules
- OmphalosRacesAndCritters
- OmphalosClassTemplates

OmphalosCity - general information about the city of Omphalos as a whole
- OmphalosTimeline - a secret history of Omphalos
- OmphalosMonuments - a description of the strange monuments found within Omphalos
- OmphalosCystsAndPortals - dungeon-like constructs and gateways that sometimes appear in Omphalos

The Cardinal Planes and their Districts:
- OmphalosPlaneAlfzongen - to the north, the mountains of the Songwinds, the Alfzongen, are inhabited by dwarves and dragonkin
- OmphalosRaceDwarves - the most numerous race in the mountains, though far from the most powerful
- OmphalosRaceKobolds - the weakest of the dragonkin, servile beings that worship the great dragons and their dragonkin servants
- OmphalosRaceDragonkin - the children of the great dragons, these reptilian beings are proud, but always mindful
of their masters
- OmphalosRaceDragons - the rulers of Alfzongen, practically deific beings in themselves
- OmphalosRaceAesir - giant humanoids, supposedly the children of the gods the dwarves worship
- OmphalosPlaneYaxchilan - to the northeast, the warm, wet swamp of Yaxchilan where dinosaurs roam, and swarthy centaurs trade with beast people amidst ancient ruins of forgotten people
- OmphalosRaceCentaurs - once nomadic, the centaurs have become adept traders and politicians, managing an uneasy peace between neighboring tribes.
- OmphalosRaceBeastPeople - multiple tribes of animal-headed people have gathered in the swamp
- OmphalosPlaneHeszaxtzor - to the southeast, the bitter wastelands of Heszaxtzor, where the orcs have enslaved all others within a brutal empire
- OmphalosRaceOrcs - the dominant race in the wastelands, they claim to have slain their gods
- OmphalosRaceGoblins - these wretched, cringing beings were enslaved by the orcs long ago for their tinkering abilities
- OmphalosRaceTrolls - grotesque and filthy, the barely intelligent trolls allow the orcs to use them as nearly unstoppable siege weapons
- OmphalosRaceOgres - taller and stronger, ogres found themselves outnumbered by the orcs long ago and elected to bend the knee. They whisper of the day they will rise up and take hold of the empire.
- OmphalosPlaneIchoryon - to the south, the boundless oceans of Ichoryon where gnolls, ratkin, and Selkies have built a half-piratical harbor
- OmphalosRaceGnolls - these canine humanoids claim to represent a mighty sea-faring empire, collecting tribute from all within their reach
- OmphalosRaceRatkin - the ratkin serve their gnoll masters in public, arrange petty schemes of their own in private
- OmphalosRaceSelkies - the sea-going cousins of the Elves, Selkies are a shy, reclusive people that dwell far beneath the waves
- OmphalosPlaneGaladh - to the southwest, a world-tree so mighty that cities are built within the space of its branches, populated by spiderkin, green-skinned elves, and birdkin
- OmphalosRaceSpiders - the six-legged two-armed masters of the world-tree, they have a fondness for humanoid prey.
- OmphalosRaceElves - the green-skinned elves are venom-addicted, dull, dutiful servants of the spiders... Or at least, that's how they appear. Away from Galadh, they seem more alert, cunning, even insidious.
- OmphalosRaceBirdkin - the avian beastkin are one of the few that can evade the reach of the spiders, but even they find it prfitable to negotiate safe passage and trade with Omphalos.
- OmphalosPlaneViostethaer - to the northwest, a strange geode-shaped universe named Viostethaer by its elemental dwellers
- OmphalosRaceElementals - beings of rock and crystal, fire, water, and air all dwell within the strange geode-universe

OmphalosArcana - the coming and going of deities, the trade in magic, and sundry discussions of the supernatural aspects of Omphalos
- OmphalosDeath - a discussion of death and how it isn't always the final end in Omphalos
- OmphalosReligions - a discussion of the deities of the Cardinal Planes and the thousand small gods of Omphalos proper
- OmphalosArcanaMaw - when people have lived for thousands of years near an all-devouring force of nature, how could they not come to a few beliefs about the Maw? Why, some might even start to worship it.
- OmphalosArcanaApex - a seemingly unreachable point high over the city at the juncture of all six Cardinal Planes, supposedly the home of the deities that hold sway within Omphalos.
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