Omphalos, a VRMMO Fantasy City

Omphalos, the Navel of the Worlds, is a fantasy city inhabited by monstrous races at the confluence of six planes of existence. Toward its center, the ground drops away until all is consumed within the ever-hungry Maw. In this place, adventurers appear and seek out new and unique experiences, unlike any that they have experienced in comparable VRMMOs.

Table of Contents

OmphalosVRMMO - the rules and conventions which govern the VRMMO that takes place in Omphalos

OmphalosCity - general information about the city of Omphalos as a whole

The Cardinal Planes and their Districts:
of their masters
- OmphalosPlaneGaladh - to the southwest, a world-tree so mighty that cities are built within the space of its branches, populated by spiderkin, green-skinned elves, and birdkin

OmphalosArcana - the coming and going of deities, the trade in magic, and sundry discussions of the supernatural aspects of Omphalos
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