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An overview of notable persons within the Mu Factor story universe.


The leader of the Licensed mutants. She is a slim older black woman with curly brown hair shading to gold that reach shoulder level, professional but with a laid back California Islander style that calls to mind Zen masters. In the office, she tends to a woman's business attire with knee-height skirts, a considerably old-fashioned look, but on the field she wears light armor that calls to mind a Greek goddess complete with helm, shield and short spear.

She normally travels with a stone owl on her shoulder; in battle, she summons smaller rock birds that fly around her and the battlefield, converting themselves to quick-moving stone missiles that can strike from any angle. Her spear can lengthen and fork instantly as well, multiplying the force of her attacks and deflecting around simple barriers. She can conjure quick rock walls to deflect attacks from herself or others, or snare her enemies in stone bindings.


The leader of the Rogue mutants. He is a slightly obese older man with long auburn hair down to mid-back, normally tied back in a braid, and a signature mustache and goatee, speaking with the fast, clipped voice of someone from one of the New England city-states. He wears a tuxedo with top hat and wields a black silver-tipped cane and often takes on the air of a magician, one with secrets just waiting to be revealed; he has been known to bluff his way out of seemingly inevitable captures.

He normally fights with fireballs from his right hand and lightning bolts from his cane in his left hand. He can raise searingly hot firewalls from seemingly nowhere, or electrify any section of metal or gap between metal objects to create barriers, but he can also create healing flames-- painful but their target will recover with a temporary boost in stats-- and shock unconscious mutants back to life.
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