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In the Universe of Heroes character creation system, players are asked to make a few decisions and decide on their basic hero appearance. Heroes can be further customized within the game, with more options opening up as heroes gain experience, contacts and alliances with various factions of heroes and villains.


Similar to City of Heroes' "Origins", each archetype describes both how the hero gains his or her powers, and how the hero can evolve to gain new powers or increase his or her powers. Archetypes don't constrain the hero's powers, but they do change how the hero can make use of powers. For example, Tech heroes can shoot their enemies with guns, but will need to reload periodically. Magic heroes can fire powerful blasts but drain their energy in doing so, and recover slowly.

This archetype covers 'normal humans' who must train to reach peak physical condition and can use a variety of equipment as missions require. Examples include Batman, Robin, Catwoman, Green Arrow and Hawkeye, Nick Fury and the SHIELD agents. Soldier equipment is drawn from a catalog, generally featuring limited charges, fuel, or ammunition, and Soldiers can change their loadout and resupply at their home bases or any 'outfitting station'. As Soldier heroes advance, they will gain access to higher levels of personal enhancement and technological equipment.

This archetype covers users of 'advanced technology' -- powered armor wearers, cyborgs, self-aware robots, et cetera. Examples include Iron Man and Cyborg (DC), and Dr. Doom and Cable (Marvel). All technology used by such a hero is integrated and powered from a single 'energy' reservoir. Energy recovers relatively quickly, given a chance to recharge. Technology heroes can collect Scraps from fallen Technology foes and research these in order to unlock new powers and increase their capability. However, each time they make an advance, they must choose from one of several possible advances-- they are following a 'Tech tree'.

This archetype covers most magic users. Examples include Dr. Strange, Zatanna, and John Constantine. Powers and artifacts draw on a single 'magic' reservoir. Magic recovers relatively slowly, encouraging magicians to conserve it, and the more power that is channeled into a spell or artifact, the more powerful the result will be. Powers are granted by a set of very powerful beings and factions. At the beginning, the magician receives several spells and/or artifacts for the price of agreeing to perform a set of (tutorial) missions. Later, the magician may seek to rise in favor with his or her chosen patron, or seek out additional beings and factions from which to learn more spells or gain more artifacts.

This archetype covers non-human heroes that have powers simply by nature of their exotic biology. Heroes may select from a list of creatures or design their own.


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