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In the normal course of events, a newly Awakened will be taken under the protection of the nearest Clan, one that is psychologically determined to be a good fit for them. They may switch to other Clans but they will not begin to gain Clan-specific powers until they have been Initiated. This creates a mystical tattoo on their body.

Occasionally someone may choose to Renounce their Clan. They become Clanless and lose the majority of their Clan-specific powers, though they will retain some of them. They may then seek out a new Clan and become Initiated into its mysteries, but will be regarded as traitors, and if they were highly ranked, their previous Clan may send assassins to ensure that their secrets are not revealed, by bringing them back, and then removing the tattoo through a ritual.

It is rumored that if someone becomes Initiated to all the Clans in sequence without losing any of the tattoos, they will attain apotheosis and become one with the Light (or Dark), but so far no one has escaped so long.

Work in Progress

Forces of Light:
Angels (Augments)
Saints (Casters)
Valkyries (Avatars)

Mages (Casters)
Fae (Casters)
Weres (Augments)
Wild Hunt (Avatars)
Rogues (all)
Extraordinary Persons (Augments)

Forces of Darkness:
Demons (Augments)
Vampires (Casters)
Dark Knights (Avatars)

Note: tie Casters back in by having them use one or more Talismans
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