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Note that one is not necessarily "flagged" for PVP at all times. A player who wishes to just look around can opt to turn their PVP flag off while in a safehouse. This manifests as a blue aura that only they and other players can see. However, being near a Place of Power while a battle for control is taking place, or attacking a player who is PVP-flagged will cause them to become flagged for PVP as well, losing the blue aura.

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The world of Avatars is strongly inclined towards PVE (player versus environment) rather than PVP (player versus player). While players can duel for fun, it will not be to the death, and NPCs will emphasize that the real struggle is pushing back the forces of the Endless Night.
The Gloaming is primarily PVP. Players join one of various Factions and fight for either the Sun or the Moon. There are safehouses where they can be assured other factions cannot come in without invitation; while in a different faction's safehouse, guests are forbidden from taking hostile actions. A variety of treaties also provide protection from PVP in neutral meeting grounds, and "newbies" are safe from PVP until they officially take up arms for a chosen Faction.

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======VR Game Rules======
These rules apply to both the Avatars and the Gloaming virtual worlds unless otherwise stipulated.

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=====IC and OOC=====
NPCs will try not to interrupt PCs who are conducting OOC conversation with one another, unless it is dragging on. They will pretend they are not seeing OOC behavior and conduct, and wait politely until the PCs address them once again. This relieves NPCs of the need to comment on or learn about sports, pop culture figures, and the like.

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With communication so readily available outside the game, the VR game designers had little choice but to support instant communications if two players should desire to do so. However, to allow people to preserve their real world anonymity, they have dressed up communication by means of magic books and orbs that can be exchanged between players. These devices cannot be crafted or forged within the game.

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