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====== Natural Abilities ======

Natural abilities are bought with 'points'. You can use these to construct racial packages, but also to buy additional abilities for avatars, shapeshifted forms, and robots that would have them as innate abilities. Thus for instance, you could define a "small dragon" racial package:

- Natural Flight - costs 2 points
- Natural Armor (+2) - costs 2 points
- Natural Weapons (Str+d4 claws) - costs 1 point
- Small (-1 to Toughness, Major Hindrance) - gives 2 points
- Attracted to shiny or interesting things (Minor Hindrance) - gives 1 point

The total cost of this package would be 2 points, or one Edge. If this is being bought as a racial package, the hindrances bought as part of the racial package do not count against the character's personal hindrances.

Additional abilities and hindrances may be available; just consult with the GM.

==== Major Edges (3 points) ====

- Construct (for elementals / mechanical men)
- Free Seasoned Edge (regardless of requirements, except for those that require other Edges; you cannot take Improved Level Headed without having Level Headed first, even as part of a racial package).
- Hardy (a second Shaken result in combat does not cause a wound).
- The race begins with a d8 in one attribute and may raise it to a d12+2 during character creation. Through the Expert and Master Edges, it may potentially reach a d12+4.

==== Normal Edges (2 points) ====

- +1 Parry (warlike race)
- +1 Size (wide, tall)
- +1 Toughness (tough skin, weird physiology, not negated by armor-piercing weapons)
- +10 Power Points (for inherently magical creatures only)
- +2 Armor (metal, stone or crystalline skin or shell; negated by armor-piercing weapons).
- +2 Charisma (charismatic, popular race)
- +4 to resist the effects of heat, cold, or radiation (resilient, alien physiology)
- +2 Stealth (active camouflage, works in all environments)
- Aquatic (cannot drown in water; move at full Swimming skill, free d6 in Swimming)
- Base Pace 10 (lightning-fast, multiple limbs)
- Free Novice Edge (regardless of requirements, except for those that require other Edges)
- Multiple arms (one extra non-movement action per limb; incurs no multi-action penalty; price is PER additional limb)
- Poison (victims that suffer a Shaken result from your natural weapons must make a Vigor roll or be paralyzed for 2d6 rounds)
- Start with a d6 in one attribute
- The ability to Fly (wings; flying Pace equals normal Pace and the alien may "run")
- Use of a single arcane power. The character has 5 Power Points usable solely for this power. Power Points recharge at the rate of 1 per hour and are unaffected by Rapid Recharge. Power Points from other sources CANNOT be used with this power. This power represents a single psionic function such as generating frightening hallucinations (fear), or a shocking touch (stun) or a natural ability such as generating a "smoke screen" (obscure) or a highly-developed adrenal gland (quickness). Psionic-type powers use Smarts; physical ones use Vigor as the arcane skill.

==== Minor Edges (1 point) ====

- +1 Reach (extendible arms, abnormally long arms)
- +2 to resist the effects of heat, cold, or radiation
- +5 Power Points for use with a single racial power (as described above)
- +2 Stealth within a given environment type (i.e. painted to desert, forest, urban grey)
- Burrowing, Wall Walker, or similar.
- Free d6 in any skill
- Immune to poison or disease
- Keen Sense (+2 to Notice when using ONE sense; please note that this is inferior to the Alertness Edge, which is just a flat +2 bonus to Notice for all senses)
- Low light or thermal (infrared) vision.
- Natural Weapons (Str+d6 in any one weapon, or Str+d4 with any two)
- Potent Poison (must have Poison; each level gives victims a -1 penalty to their Vigor roll)
- Semi-aquatic (gain Fatigue level every 15 minutes he holds his breath; on reaching Incapacitated, must make a Vigor roll every minute or drown; Fatigue recovers one level per 15 minutes back in air).

==== Major Hindrances (-2 points) ====

- -1 Parry (peaceful race, clumsy)
- -1 Toughness (thin skin, exposed organs)
- -4 to resist the effects of heat, cold, pressure, or radiation (poor physiology, thin skin)
- Dehydration (the alien must immerse itself in water one hour out of every 24; those who don't are automatically Fatigued each day until they are Incapacitated; they day after that, they perish)
- Standard Major Hindrance (or equivalent effect)

==== Minor Hindrances (-1 points) ====

- -2 to resist the effects of heat, cold, pressure, or radiation (poor physiology)
- -2 Charisma (bad reputation, really ugly, unsavory habits)
- Minor Hindrance (or equivalent effect)
- Pace 5 (stocky, short legs)
- Racial Enemy (-4 Charisma when dealing with one other reasonably common race)
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