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- [[AARachelDAmalthea|Rachel D'Amalthea]]

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- TODO: Helseanne ('Heals!') -- Fisher cat grrl, first year student, priestess/healer. Mace, shield, mail.
- Fieria -- Fluffyshy fan
- TODO: Fisher cat grrl, first year student, priestess/healer. Mace, shield, mail.
- Another Fluffyshy fan

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- Kuroneko -- The Shadow Prince
- The Academy President's descendant
- Male panther, black fur, light gray purple eyes.
- Female panther, black fur, light blue-gray eyes
- First year student
- The Academy President's Descedant -- Fluffyshy's Shadow Prince
- Male panther
- Female panther, first year student

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-Identikitties (pair of andogynous cross-dressing Siamese twin monks -- one melee, one healer)
- New students, only been at the Academy for a handful of months
- From a city which is allied with the [[AACasiertKingdom|Kingdom of Casiert]], but not part of it (yet)
- Past history with Kinryu/family
- Brother/sister, cross-dress to confuse people about their identities
- Generally pretty androgynous
- One is a melee staff fighter, the other is a healer, but they try to use nearly identical-looking gear to fake people out about who to attack.
- Special quirk: Almost magically able to switch places, which is not only useful in combat, but great for flustering people who think they are about to kiss/cuddle a boy or girl, then find the opposite.
- Relationship with other students: Just faaaabulous.
- TODO: Head of Blue Forge -- male phoenix bard, fourth year student (actually been around for a while, just hasn't quite managed to graduate). Weapon: Rapier. The Otaku. Teased about being totally flaming. Occasionally feels the need to demonstrate his interest in females.
- TODO: Identikitties (pair of andogynous cross-dressing Siamese twin monks -- one melee, one healer)
- TODO: Head of Blue Forge -- male phoenix bard, fourth year student (actually been around for a while, just hasn't quite managed to graduate). The Otaku. Teased about being totally flaming. Occasionally feels the need to demonstrate his interest in females.

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- Students
- House: Blue Forge
- TODO: Anthian Adorienne -- 2nd year student (almost 3rd, just being held back by academic scores)
- TODO: Identikitties (pair of andogynous cross-dressing Siamese twin monks -- one melee, one healer)
- TODO: Male wolf, second year student, sword and board tank
- TODO: Head of Blue Forge -- male phoenix bard, fourth year student (actually been around for a while, just hasn't quite managed to graduate). The Otaku. Teased about being totally flaming. Occasionally feels the need to demonstrate his interest in females.
- TODO: Fisher cat grrl, first year student, priestess/healer. Mace, shield, mail.
- House: The Green Hearth
- 'Campus King' -- Taitei
- Male bishonen lion -- third year student. Despite being only third year, he is regarded as the 'King', at least among the non-graduate students.
- From a major noble Bloodine in the [[AACasiertKingdom|Kingdom of Casiert]]. Known for its martial strength, armed forces/mercenaries, and combat skill.
- Womanizer! Gotta get them all.
- Trying to become head of the Green Hearth, but is opposed by other members who don't want him to try to turn the Green Hearth into his personal harem. So he has to keep his hands off Green Hearth females, mostly, and go after the other girls.
- Combat style: Two-handed sword, with a strong amount of earth/metal magic. While primarily a martial artist, his earth/metal magic can be used to keep his blade from breaking and to keep it sharp. If he can spare a moment in combat to lay a hand on an opponent's metal weapon or armor, he can try to weaken it. One of his nastier tricks is he can adjust the length his sword to make it harder to judge and parry or dodge.
- Egotistic, territorial. However, he is not too prone to over-confidence. His family saw to it that he received some sound lessons in over-confidence and some sound thumpings to make sure he would not embarass the Bloodline. He will occasionally make a mistake from it, but he will not make two in a row. (i.e. he won't sputter 'That was luck!', he'll immediately realize he's been tricked.)
- Smart enough to at least act respectful to the graduate students.
- Rivalry with Anthian. In direct combat, the 'king' is a superior fighter, but Anthian has, just barely, stayed ahead with enough tricks to remain challenging. Roughly a 6 of out of 11 win ratio in favor of the lion so far.
- Actually has a pair of family servants/guards and his own private residence at the academy. They are rarely seen, but are experienced bodyguards -- better than almost any of the students, but not the staff/faculty. They are there to back the lion up or be a presence in formal social occasions when he wants to show off his status, and to guard him when he leaves the academy to visit other cities/places. Taitei may be the Big Man On Campus, but he's still a student -- there are bigger and meaner folks out in cities, and the bodyguards are there to deal with those.
- Tries to have many girl friends. Learning that this can be a challenge.
- Taitei's extra muscle
- Male hyena -- second year student
- Unarmed combat/fist weapons -- better than many would expect. Taitei has seen to that. Uses a crossbow for ranged attacks.
- Reasonably loyal, a bit envious of all the girls Taitei gets
-Taitei's sneak/spy
- Male mouse -- second year student
- Illusionist/healer -- the sneak healer. Has okay heals, but short range. Armed with mace/club.
- Has nasty trick -- illusionary heal -- makes someone *think* they've been healed, when they aren't.
- Is okay working for Taitei -- gives him someone to hide behind, so to speak. Though also a bit envious of all the girls Taitei gets.
- While a pretty good sneak/spy, is not as good as the Shadow Prince
- Head of the Green Hearth
- Male stag, fourth year student
- Strong ice mage, minor darkness mage.
- Knows Taitei wants to become head of the Green Hearth, but does not care too much since the stag is going to graduate and move on soon. Finds it annoying to deal with the trouble Taitei causes, but is willing to overlook/put things off to fester so Taitei can deal with them later.
- Can generally beat Taitei, but only barely. Since his magic is all ice and darkness based without any earth or metal for Taitei to manipulate, Taitei has no advantages.
- The White Gate
- Nadessa -- 'Campus Queen'
- Female tigress -- just made third year student.
- Oriental Hunter/ranger. So, archer with boar spear for closer range.
- From a major noble Bloodine in the [[AACasiertKingdom|Kingdom of Casiert]] that mostly focuses on banking and investment. Access to considerable wealth for a student.
- Ambitious, territorial
- Sort of a love/hate relation with the 'Campus King'. Both want to be the 'boss' on campus, but both are attracted to the possibilities and strengths of the other. Frequent competition between the two. A mix of attraction and rivalry.
- Slowly positioning herself as the head of the White Gate. Acceptance is grudging, but the amount of bribes/gifts/resources she brings is hard to resist.
- Has, for a student, a rather lavish private residence at the academy. Nothing too fancy by 'normal' standards, but the fanciest that can be rented by a student. Something like, say, three stories, about three thousand square feet, with a fancy master bedroom suite, and smaller bedrooms for a complete staff -- some guards, cook, maid, butler. NOTE: Actually, it might make more sense for her to have her own yacht, which she stays on with her staff instead.
- Another Fluffyshy fan
- Female griffiness -- all flame colors. First year student. Very minor nobility.
- On the slender and cute side for a griffiness.
- Fire/Light mage.
- Almost as quiet and shy as Fluffyshy, but not quite. Attracted to Fluffyshy because she's so... quiet and shy, and can fly, too.
- Sets things on fire accidentally when embarassed to escape attention
- When left alone with Fluffyshy, it starts turning into a 'who can blush more contest while looking increasingly cuter and bashful', except the griffiness can burst into flame when her blushing is maxed out.
- Fluffyshy's stalker --
- Male raccoon, second year student
- Rogue, thief, short sword and dagger combat style.
- Reputation as campus underwear thief -- apparently a very specialized pickpocket skill
- May offer to share some thief techniques with the appropriate bribe
- The one who thinks Sam is Fluffyshy's protector and wants Sam out of the way.
- Might get aided by the Campus Queen, since she will be annoyed by the way the Campus King is distracted by Sam.
- Fluffyshy Rival
- Female cheetah, second year student
- Combat style -- throwing knives/stars and daggers. Hit and run.
- Has problems standing how cute Fluffyshy is! Must resist!
- Mildly attracted to Anthian!
- Head of the White Gate
- Male owl, fourth year student
- Monk/martial artist.
- Non-noble background, a bit annoyed with the Campus Queen in general,but isn't sure what to do about it.
- The Red Tower
- The Academy President's Descedant -- Fluffyshy's Shadow Prince
- Male panther
- Spymaster in training, second year student
- Combat style - ninja assassin!
- Quiet, prefers to stay in the background/shadows. Intellectual
- A bit on the ruthless side!
- His great great great great gandmother mother, the Academy President, has asked him and his sister to watch for any unusual attention paid to Fluffyshy and Samanthia from outside parties (i.e. not students, not staff, not teachers -- spies from other cities or institutions). He suspects the backgrounds of the two are falsified, of course, and is curious to what is going on.
- Has 'family access' to the residential areas of the senior faculty.
- Focusses his attention on Fluffyshy -- not only is she cute, but she appears to be an obvious trouble magnet.
- The Academy President's Descedant -- Shadow Prince's Sister
- Female panther, first year student
- Combat style? Maybe a life-force manipulator/healer? Blood mage?
- Can drain life/energy from a target, move it to another. Not necessarily the most comfortable healing. Also has normal some normal healing spells.
- Armed with whip -- if she can snag someone with it, she can do extra draining. Also daggers.
- Has 'family access' to the residential areas of the senior faculty.
- Does not think Fluffyshy is worthy of her brother's attention
- Tufty's romantic interest #3
- Sexy but sinister red and black vixen, second year student
- Warlock -- summoner of creatures formed from demonic and dark energies
- Detects hint of the energies of the curse around students of the Blue Forge, but only the barest hint. Tries to narrow down who it is centered on more, like Tufty, who seems strangely and frequently absent.
- Random student
- Male boar, second year student
- Plate DPS warrior, two-handed battle-axe style
- Head of the Red Tower
- Male Ox Paladin, fourth year student. Mace and board tank.
- Very proper, but not stupid. A bit annoyed that the Academy seemed to be sending all the warlocks, life drainers, and assassins to be in the Red House. What's a paladin to do?
- Teachers/Staff
- Homeroom teacher -
- Middle-aged male bear. Slightly pudgy, but still a bit intimidating or reassuring. More than capable of handling rambunctious students and still capable of showing graduate students a thing or two.
- Tracks student attendance, dispatches guards/staff to check on students who are not showing up to make sure they are not ill or such, or to drag them in. Unless they have an excuse from the healers or professors.
- Works out the schedules -- based on which students show up and their level of competence, and what instructors are available, assigns students to classes for that day.
- Also functions as conselor/advisor for students -- if students have problems, emotionally or physically, may dispatch students to see healers or have therapy sessions. For academic problems/issues, may send to tutors.
- School Nurse assigned to Fluffyshy and Sam
- Bouncy, jolly, a bit motherly, female hippo
- Has been informed of Bookwyrm/Sam's Tufty/Fluffyshy's condition. The other medical staff is, for the most part, unaware. Note in their files to route them to this nurse for special treatment/conditions.
- Examines them in both forms. Tasked with monitoring physical, mental, and emotional health. Also is looking for any further, gradual changes.
- Sunny, positive, go-get-em outlook. Not afraid of handing out some rough love if necessary. Only mild respect for student modesty: *pokes Sam in the chest* "You should eat more, child." *pokes Fluffyshy in the chest* "Oh, you're a healthy one!"
- Also has been assigned to examine Professor Feinheston to compare with Sam and Fluffy. The professor is not pleased with this arrangement.

- TODO: Academy President, Female Black Panther, ancestor of the Shadow Prince and his sister
- Female black panther with graying fur. Some five centuries old, give or take. Responds to longetivity spells well.
- Former, powerful, adventurer. Shadow/darkness mage. Not to be messed with. Still has contacts and influence among professional, powerful adventurer groups.
- Reasonably neutral good with a lawful bent.
- Handles both the public and not-so-public business of the academy. The not-so-public includes political negotiations and intrigue between the various city-states to ensure the neutrality and safety and safe passage for the academy. Mediates between other groups who have secret meetings on the neutral ground of the academy to negotiate not-so-public treaties.
- Is aware of the situation with Fluffyshy, Sam, and Professor Feinheston. Trying not to get too involved with them, but monitoring the situation even as she dispatches agents to find out more about the artifact/monkey's paw item. Background plot, foreshadowing, ominous!
- TODO: Taitei's parents and house
- TODO: Nadessa's parents and house
- TODO: Kinryu's sister and parents and house

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- [[AAProfFeinheston|Professor Feinheston]]

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- [[AAFluffyAndShy|Tuftears Adorienne/Dandelion Cloudrunner]]
- Tuftears Adorienne/Dandelion Cloudrunner
- AKA Fluffyshy
- Male Lynxie <-> Female Pegasus
- From a family/clan of free ships/indepedent 'traders'. Trading mostly in spices from the city-state of Avu Jhathi. Have good relations with some of the nomadic farmers who roam the surface who grow more exotic spices on the edges of planar-conflict areas.
- Has older brother at the academy -- Anthian Adorienne, The good-looking fast-talking swashbuckly type.
- Tuftears was more bookish but a dreamer type. When the news of the contract came along, Tuftears was excited and envisioned becoming a rogue just like his older brother.
- Father was a trader but has passed on (an unlucky conflict with elementals)
- Mother has settled down as a priestess at some shrine in Goldenhill.
- Father only had a share of a ship, so Tuftears has served time on an airship but doesn't have a command of his own.
- Both Tufty and bro, with others, are being sponsored to the academy by the city-state of Goldenhill. The details of /why/ the city-state of Goldenhill is sponsoring them are unclear, but there's the impression of a major embarrassment being covered up and this was Anthian's price; this does come with the expectation that they'll be serving in Goldenhill's defense in the future.
- Shared fighting style: rogue "bag o' tricks" (smoke bombs, flashbangs, blackjack, marbles, oil, lockpicks) -- the color changes depending on whether or not it's Tufty (gray-blue) or Fluffy (gray-pink).
- Favored fighting style when male: Trying to learn how to fence, but not very good at it. (Instructor: "Stop trying to be flashy and dramatic!")
- Favored fighting style when female: Bows?
- As a pegasus, has wings, and can (potentially) fly.
- More? ???

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======The Cast======
==[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Cast==
==[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Main Cast==

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======The Main Cast======
==[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Main Cast==
======[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Main Cast======

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======[[AdventurersAcademy|The Adventurer's Academy]] > The Main Cast======
======The Main Cast======

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- [[AATheScalyDuo|Kinryu Kwantau/Samanthia Stormdancer]]
- Tuftears Adorienne/Dandelion Cloudrunner
- Tuftears Adorienne/Dandelion Cloudrunner

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