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In the 2060s, the superheroes VR MMO Universe of Heroes became a cult hit, winning tens of thousands of fans over with its advanced physics engine and procedurally generated missions that allowed its heroes to use their powers more freely than any MMO had ever allowed. Every hero was the star of his or her own story, gaining allies and nemeses, evolving from neighborhood defenders to champions of their own cities, and ultimately to world-saving guardians. While UOH was overshadowed by the more successful Avatars MMO, its fans were dedicated and its future looked bright.

There was only one problem: it cost more to run than its creators could afford. It was purchased by Voya Multimedia, ran for several years while they evaluated how well it would fit into their product lineup, and was subsequently canceled.

But all hope was not lost. Before UOH's acquisition, its creators had begun working on a new generation of VR technology, one that would drastically reduce server costs and enhance the experience. They continued working, under the radar, for a full decade... And now they're ready to begin testing UOH Reborn, a game which will be run by the fans, for the fans... Forever.

Are you one of the heroes that will answer the call for beta-testers?

HeroesMmoCharacterCreation - Creating Your Hero
HeroesMmoWorld - Experiencing the World of UOH
HeroesMmoCombat - When Fists Meet Faces

HeroesRLSetting - Outside the MMO
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