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======Omphalos Class Templates======

**Omphalos Class Templates**

To help put things in perspective, various class archetypes are presented below.

__Warrior Classes__

Berserker - numerous versions of the Berserker archetype exist in each of the Cardinal Planes, but they all share a common thread of drawing upon their inner rage to strike hard and fast at their enemies, and the drawback that they may lose the ability to tell friend from foe, in the heat of battle. They must take the Berserk Edge, and usually take Frenzy when Seasoned. They will usually prefer a two-handed weapon, or two one-handed weapons.

Blade Dancer


Cavalry (ramrider, wolfrider, charioteer, etc.)

Druid (Shapeshifter)

City Guard


Guardian - most clearly represented by the dwarven Shield Guard, these doughty warriors fight with shield and one-hand weapon. They receive the following class benefits:
- They have a baseline extra 25% Health, rounded up, so at baseline d4 Endurance (40), they would have 10 Health instead of 8. The Health benefit from equipping a shield is added to this.
- They can batter their enemies with their shields, if for some reason their primary hand is occupied, with an offhand penalty (-2) if they are not Ambidextrous. A small shield counts as Str+d4, a medium shield counts as Str+d6, and a large shield counts as Str+d8.
- They receive a +2 bonus to the Taunt skill.

Knight - capable of switching between tank and melee DPS, these heavily armored knights are often found commanding troops, or as part of elite battalions intended to smash through an enemy army.
- Must take the Code of Honor Hindrance.
- They may carry one set of weapons (or shield and weapon) in a "swap space" to equip as needed. Swap weapons do not count toward their maximum carried weight. They require an action to switch weapons, unless they have the Quick Draw Edge.
- They receive a +2 bonus to the Taunt skill.



Maw Knight - an unholy Knight, dedicated to the service of the all-consuming Maw. They retain the normal class benefits of a standard Knight, but must also acquire an Arcane Background and, if necessary, the appropriate spellcasting skill to be able to cast spells reliably.
- Powers will often include Summon Familiar, Puppet, or Zombie
- Gains an aura of fear that grants +2 to Intimidation skill rolls.

Monk (Ki Master)

Paladin - an advanced version of Knight, only available at Seasoned, these armored warriors have sworn themselves to the service of a deity. To qualify as a Paladin, a Knight must acquire the Arcane Background: Ki Warrior, or Arcane Background: Acolyte Edges, and in the latter case, the necessary Faith skill to be able to cast spells reliably.
- Granted status by their deity, as one of their chosen envoys to the world - though this may place them at odds with mortal law and order.

Spellblade (a la Cavalier)
- Fights Florentine style, one-hand weapon, no shield, leaving their offhand free for spellcasting.

War Wagoner (driver, crew, cannoneer)

__Rogue Classes__

Bounty Hunter
Trickster (melee/caster)

__Spellcaster Classes__

Druid (Treesinger)
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