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In the Universe of Heroes character creation system, players are asked to make a few decisions and decide on their basic hero appearance. Heroes can be further customized within the game, with more options opening up as heroes gain experience, contacts and alliances with various factions of heroes and villains.


Similar to City of Heroes' "Origins", each archetype describes both how the hero gains his or her powers, and how the hero can evolve to gain new powers or increase his or her powers. Archetypes don't constrain the hero's powers, but they do change how the hero can make use of powers. For example, Tech heroes can shoot their enemies with guns, but will need to reload periodically. Magic heroes can fire powerful blasts but drain their energy in doing so, and recover slowly.

This archetype covers all 'normal humans' that use equipment primarily, whether they develop their own, purchase it, or steal it. While all heroes can technically use equipment, it will only last for a short amount of time, usually until the end of a mission before it runs out of energy or breaks down. Technology heroes must design a 'signature' -- some equipment, vehicle, or armor that will become the basis of their powers. They receive a 'technology budget' from which they can draw additional equipment to suit the needs of special missions.

Technology heroes cannot immediately use any power; instead, they select a set of powers from a catalog of available Technology. As they acquire new pieces of Technology, usually by taking them from the minions of Technology villain factions, they can break these down to advance their research and eventually gain access to new powers, or greater levels of power.

This archetype covers non-human heroes that have powers simply by nature of their exotic biology. Heroes may select from a list of creatures or design their own.


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