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Imagine a book. On the front cover is the golden symbol of the Sun: a circle with a dot in the center. On the reverse cover, the symbol of darkness, the silvery crescent of the Moon. Between them are the pages of the Gloaming. Each is a dimension with people that live and breath and go about their business, entirely unaware that a greater universe lies beyond their own.

Entirely, that is, save for a few who feel in their bones that they are called to a greater struggle. They are the Awakened. In the right place and at the right time, they can open a portal and step through to other worlds.

They fight an invisible war. Should the pages belong to the Sun or to the Moon? Or is it better for all that neither side gains ultimate supremacy? In each dimension there are places of power, and in these places a symbol glows, circle or crescent. By eradicating the other side's symbol and placing their own, agents of these polar opposites can strengthen all those who follow their cause.
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