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Imagine a book. On the front cover is the golden insignia of the Sun: a circle with a dot in the center. On the reverse cover, the symbol of Night, the silvery crescent of Luna. Between them are the pages of the Gloaming. Each one is a dimension of its own with people that live and breath and go about their business, entirely unaware that a greater universe lies beyond their own.

Entirely, that is, save for a few who feel in their bones that they are called to a greater struggle. They are the Awakened. In the right place and at the right time, they can open a portal and step through to other worlds.

Work in progress!

Ideas for dimensions:

Ancient China of Legends
Transylvania: the Middle Ages
Renaissance Europe
Victorian London
Wild West
Pleasantville: 1930-1950s
Megapolis: near-future dystopia
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