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Kitsune hail from the mythical land of Yamato, sometimes called Japan by the ignorant gaijin (foreigners). They are sly shapeshifters and tricksters. A kitsune begins as a fox and cannot shift to human form until around 50-100 years of age. Kitsunes are granted additional tails only for long or exceptional service to Inari, the deity of rice, fertility, and foxes, and are said to favor foods like tofu, especially fried pockets (aburaage) and adzuki beans.

- Creature of Night Hindrance. (Minor) Your Vigor, combat rolls, and spellcasting rolls are at -2 penalty in broad daylight (8 AM to 4 PM).
- Hoshi no Tama Hindrance. (Minor) Your character must always carry a talisman, usually a round white ball or pearl, known as a 'star ball.' Without it, your character will begin to sicken; for each day it is absent, you must roll versus Spirit or take one Wound. You will always be able to tell the general direction of your talisman if it is 20" (40 yards) or more away. In addition, no matter what forms you adopt, you will always have at least a fox tail as a distinctive characteristic which must be hidden in order to pass as normal.
- Arcane Background: Magic. (Edge) You begin with 10 power points and 3 powers, two of which must be Shapeshift (human form) and Illusions. (see CamfordHouseRules for details on the Illusions power) You regenerate 1 power point per hour. This power is tied to the Spellcasting (Smarts) skill. If you roll 1 on your Spellcasting die, whether your wild die comes up 1 or not, you are Shaken.
- Kitsune Magical Affinity. (Edge) Your Shapeshift costs 1 power point per hour, rather than 1 per minute, and you never need to make a Spellcasting roll to shift forms. However, if you are Shaken or knocked unconscious, all shapeshifts and illusions will be ended.
- In addition, your maintenance costs for Illusions are reduced: small Illusions cost 1 power point per hour, medium Illusions cost 2 power points per hour, and large Illusions cost 3 power points per hour.


Another of the supernatural race that hail from Yamato, Kappa have a plate on their head that must be kept wet at all times or they will lose their strength and possibly die. They have a strong affinity with water, but due to their reptilian skin, beak and shell, and webbing on their hands and feet, they must wear a glamour in order to pass among humans.

- Creature of Night Hindrance. (Minor) Your Vigor, combat rolls, and spellcasting rolls are at -2 penalty in broad daylight (8 AM to 4 PM).
- Water Dependence. (Minor) You must hold water in your plate at all times or begin to lose strength and die. You may wear a metal cap or other kind of headgear to seal in the water, but if you have lost your protection and are Shaken, make an Agility roll to avoid losing the water. Should this water be lost, you must make a Vigor roll each round (or minute outside of combat) or take one Wound.
- Outsider. (Minor) You are at -2 to Charisma with respect to non-Supernaturals. This is mitigated if you are wearing your glamour.
- Kappa Racial Package. (Edge) You are Aquatic, meaning you cannot drown in water, you move at full pace when swimming, and you have Swimming d6 for free. You have +2 Armor due to your shell.
- Mirror of Appearance. (Edge) While you possess this small hand-held mirror, you may don the semblance of human form-- one specific form-- or take it off by looking into the mirror. When disguised, the Outsider hindrance does not effect your relationship with humans.


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