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Kitsune hail from the mythical land of Yamato, sometimes called Japan by the ignorant gaijin (foreigners). They are sly shapeshifters and tricksters. A kitsune begins as a fox and cannot shift to human form until around 50-100 years of age. Kitsunes are granted additional tails only for long or exceptional service to Inari, the deity of rice, fertility, and foxes, and are said to favor foods like tofu, especially fried pockets (aburaage) and adzuki beans.


Another of the supernatural race that hail from Yamato, Kappa have a plate on their head that must be kept wet at all times or they will lose their strength and possibly die. They have a strong affinity with water, but due to their reptilian skin, beak and shell, and webbing on their hands and feet, they must wear a glamour in order to pass among humans.


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