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The witches and warlocks of the Camford setting have little to do with Satanism or Wicca. They are inheritors of the sort of magic found in fairy tales, such as Baba Yaga of Slavic folklore, or Mother Hulda of the Brother Grimms stories, the witch who rewarded a hard-working girl with an apron of gold and covered the lazy one with tar. If you choose this background, your character was likely born in the Unterwald in central Europe, trained by one of these witches, then sent forth to find his or her fortune in the outside world.

- Familiar Bond. (Minor) Your character has acquired and formed a bond with some creature, usually a small animal but sometimes a supernatural creature //(requires GM approval)//. You require this familiar nearby in order to perform magic, and should the familiar be absent for long, each day in which the familiar is absent requires you to make a Spirit roll or take one Wound. You will always be able to tell the general direction of your familiar if it is 20" (40 yards) or more away. If your familiar is killed, you must make a Spirit roll at -4 to avoid immediately taking a Wound, and this Wound cannot be healed until you have found and bonded a new familiar.
- Familiar Advantage. (Edge) Your character can communicate mentally with your familiar, and can see through its eyes. You can command your familiar, though if it is an action to which your familiar would normally be opposed, you must make an opposed Spirit roll to force it to do so.
- Arcane Background: Magic. (Edge) You begin with 10 power points and 3 powers. You regain 1 power point per hour. This power uses the Spellcasting (Smarts) skill. If you roll 1 on your Spellcasting die, whether your wild die comes up 1 or not, you are Shaken.


Contrary to popular belief, werewolves are not created by simply biting random people; werewolves run in packs and spawn children to replenish their numbers. They are most commonly found in the Unterwald in central Europe, but some have been sighted in the English countryside.

- Creature of Night Hindrance. (Minor) Your Vigor, combat rolls, and spellcasting rolls are at -2 penalty in broad daylight (8 AM to 4 PM).
- Moon Madness Hindrance. (Minor) During nights when the moon is full or nearly full, your character will find it hard to control her murderous impulses. Each round in combat, roll spirit with a target of 4. If you fail, you must physically attack the nearest target, rolling randomly if several targets are available. Out of combat, if anyone is wounded, your character must roll spirit to resist attacking them.
- To determine if the moon is full on any given night, roll 2d6. If you roll 10-11, then the moon is almost full and you must roll spirit versus a target of 4. If you roll 12, the moon is completely full and you must roll spirit -2 versus a target of 4.
- Werewolf Regeneration. (Edge) Your character can only be Shaken, not Wounded by non-silver weapons. Silver weapons will injure you normally, and silver items will burn you on contact. This applies in both human and werewolf forms.
- Werewolf Shapeshift. (Edge) When you transform to werewolf form, you gain claws (Str +d6), low light vision (reduces darkness penalty to vision by 2, i.e. you can see normally in moonlight and at -2 in a pitch-black room), and your strength increases by one die type (from d4 to d6, or d6 to d8, etc.) You suffer the Outsider Hindrance. (-2 to charisma vs all non-supernaturals)

====Vampire (NPC)====

Vampires are not available as player characters due to their inability to attend classes during the daytime. They are small in numbers, mostly found in the Unterwald in central Europe, but some have been sighted in major cities throughout Europe and England and even in America.

- Cursed Creature of the Night Hindrance. (Major) If any part of your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, your character will begin to burn, taking 2d10 damage per round; armor will not protect you. "Mook" level vampires will immediately evaporate. Even if you are sheltered from the sun, your Vigor, combat and spellcasting rolls are at -2 from 6 AM to 6 PM.
- Bloodthirst Hindrance. (Minor) You must drink blood in order to live; for each day without blood, you must make a Spirit roll or take one Wound which cannot be healed until you have satiated your bloodthirst. It may be a small amount of blood, but either way, the drained victim will be at -2 to Vigor rolls for a day. You will be at -2 Charisma with respect to any non-supernaturals.
- Weakness: Holy Symbols and Invocations. (Minor) Your character must make an opposed Spirit roll in order to take a direct action against any target which is either displaying a holy symbol or invoking a prayer of protection appropriate to their faith. If you fail, your action is wasted.
- Vampire Regeneration. (Edge) Your character can only be Shaken, not Wounded by any kind of weapon except for Called shots to the heart. (-4 to the base combat roll) If you are hit through the heart, you must roll against Vigor or be disintegrated instantly; otherwise you take normal damage +4.
- Vampiric Strength. (Racial Package) You gain a base of d6 Strength and a base pace of 10".
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