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====Aos Sidhe====

Aos Sidhe are fey, born in the fading lands of Tir na N'og within Ireland. They normally shun the outside world, as rife with ironwork as it has become, but a few brave Sidhe have ventured out of its limits to seek out tales of wonders and artifacts of power with which to impress their peers in Queen Mab's Court.

- Creature of Night Hindrance. (Minor) Your Vigor, combat rolls, and spellcasting rolls are at -2 penalty in broad daylight (8 AM to 4 PM).
- Iron Vulnerability. (Major) You take +4 damage from any iron weapon. Even touching simple iron items will raise a welt.
- Arcane Background: Magic. (Edge) You begin with 10 power points at 3 powers, one of which must be Glamour. (see CamfordHouseRules for information on the Glamour power) You regain 1 power point per hour. This power is tied to the Spellcasting (Smarts) skill. If you roll 1 on your Spellcasting die, whether your wild die comes up 1 or not, you are Shaken.
- Sidhe Magical Affinity. (Edge) Your Glamour costs 1 power point to initiate and 1 power point per hour, rather than 2 power points to cast and 1 power point per round as a normal spellcaster might need.
- Sidhe Agility. (Racial Package) You gain a base of d6 Agility and a pace of 10".



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