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Many powers can have 'Illusions' trappings: you could portray Fear as confronting someone with an illusion of their worst nightmares, Entangle as an illusion of vines wrapping around their feet, and so forth. However, when you want to simply project an illusion of an arbitrary object with no other game effect, you would use the Obscure power with the following changes:

Rank: Novice
Power Points: 2
Range: Smarts
Duration: 3 (1/round)

Creates an illusion the size of a Small Burst Template (2" diameter in map terms). For double the power cost (4 to cast, 2/round to sustain after the first 3 rounds), you can create an illusion the size of a Medium Burst Template (4" diameter). For triple (6 to cast, 3/round to sustain after the first 3 rounds), you get one the size of a Large Burst Template (6" diameter).

Attacks into, out of, or through the area of effect are at -6, just like Obscure. Your opponent will be at -6 to Notice anything hiding within the Illusion.
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