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Metaphysics and Metagaming

There is the Earth that exists in a purely physical sense, and then there is the Dreaming. The dreaming is where magic comes from. Certain places on the world are 'soft spots', filled with so much belief and wonder that it is easy to reach into them and draw magic. London has become one such place.

The Dreaming is a psychic space, the collective subconscious of humanity. 'Lacunae' are border places that have one side open onto Earth, the other into the Dreaming. The Dreaming proper is made up of Realms, the places people go when dreaming; Realms can extend infinitely like the building that never ends, or open into each other by turning a corner or going through a painting.

Why do the supernatural insist on hiding from ordinary humans?

We have two characters: Jared's kitsune, $INARI, and Envoy's medium, Niamh, a woman descended from Hy-Brasil capable of channeling spirits to create palpable effects.

Let's give them two quests. At the beginning, neither of them knows the true nature of their room mate.

$INARI has been sent to England to attend Camford, with the stated goal of learning from London at the height of its ascendance. In reality, she is to find $MAGUFFIN and bring it back to her clan so that it can be used to bring them back into ascendance. The $MAGUFFIN was apparently taken from Egypt and brought there for study.

Niamh is seeking artifacts and lost talismans, and is interested in removing dark talismans from the hands of demonic and dangerous entities, so the $MAGUFFIN should be right up her alley. To counterbalance this, we should give her a different quest. She's the last descendant, so what about her family? Would she be interested in knowing about the existence of other relatives? Or perhaps a way to get back to Hy Brasil, an island cloaked in mist except for one day every seven years?

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