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======Strangers At Camford======


Strangers at Camford is a Savage Worlds campaign following the adventures of several unusual students at Camford University, in a steampunk London where legends live among humans, hidden in the shadows, and myths are true.

=====Game Rules=====

- CamfordCharacterCreation - How to Create a Camford Character
- CamfordHouseRules - Notes on Rules Peculiar to the Camford Setting
- CamfordSkills - Notes on Skills Used Within the Camford Setting

=====The Larger World=====

- LondonTimeline - Pertinent History of London and the World

- London of 1872
- Museums and Galleries
- British Museum
- Trafalgar Square (National Gallery)
- Royal Albert Hall (opened in 1871)
- Victoria and Albert Museum (founded in 1852)
- The Crystal Palace (Grand Expedition of 1851, rebuilt in 1854, lasted into the 20th century)
- Landmarks
- Big Ben
- Government
- The Palace
- The Houses of Parliament
- The Railway
- Things Not Of This World
- Vampires
- Werewolves
- Fae Great and Small
- Kitsune and Yokai (Japan)
- Angels and Demons
- Ghosts, Revenants, Zombies and Other Undead
- Cryptids and Monsters (Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, chupacabras, etc.)
- The Cthulhuoid Mythos
- Nature Spirits
- Places and People of Legends
- Lost Cities
- Sunken Atlantis
- Ancient Gods (Roman, Greek, Egyptian, etc.)
- The Spirit World (Native American)
- Immortals
- Science and Technology
- Mad Science
- Gadgeteers
- Mesmerism, Spiritualism, Psychic Powers
- Magic
- Magicians, Witches, Shamans, and Other Traditions of Power
- Alchemy
- Artifacts
- Places of Power

=====The World of Camford=====

- Reference:
- Dress: women students will wear a short gown as an overcoat atop their normal Victorian dress and are encouraged to wear white blouses and black ties and black trousers or skirts. They will have mortarboards or soft caps for formal occasions.

=====Behind the Scenes=====

- CamfordGmScecrets - Things Players Were Not Meant To Know
- CamfordUnderConstruction - Notes on building Camford
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