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Characters are created using the Savage World rules.

You begin with:

d4 Strength
d4 Agility
d4 Smarts
d4 Spirit
d4 Vigor

You can spend 5 points to increase these - it costs 1 point to increase d4 to d6, then to d8, d10, and finally d12. Note that the normal human maximum is d10 for any attribute, you will need cybernetic augmentation to reach d12.

You can then spend 15 points on skills. It costs 1 point to get the first d4 in a skill, then 1 point to increase die type, /up to the linked attribute/. To increase a skill above its linked attribute requires paying 2 points per die type increase.

TODO(lynx): fill in updated list of skills

You may pick one free Edge.

You can take up to one Major Hindrance and two Minor Hindrances. A Major Hindrance gives you two free Advances, Minor Hindrances give you one free Advance apiece. With an Advance, you may take an additional Edge, raise one Attribute by one die type, or boost two skills by one die type apiece. (but not one skill by two die types)

In addition to what your character can do and what's in his inventory when Strange Things Happen in the Big City, you might want to fill out some other details. For example:

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