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Avatars was the most popular virtual reality game of the 2060s - a game in which children and adults would create their own avatars, imaginary friends that they could take on quests in a virtual world overlaid upon the real world. That changed in 2065, when the Shift swept across the world... And the virtual world became real.

No one's exactly sure how or why it happened, and Avatar LLC has denied any responsibility for the Shift, but reality and virtual reality now overlap to a terrifying extent. Rifts appear in random places around the world, creating a gateway between the virtual world and the real world, allowing people and avatars - and monsters - to cross over from one world to the other. Only the mysterious Technomancers are able to shape these rifts, attempting to seal them up in some cases, shaping them into permanent gateways in others.

Governments and Avatars LLC itself are racing against time to control the crisis before panic spreads across the world. Or do they have secret plans for what the Shift has wrought?


AvatarsGameRules - the game rules, including house rules for this campaign
AvatarsRealWorld - the futuristic world in which Avatars is set
AvatarsVirtualWorld - the virtual world of Avatars
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