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======VR Gear======

You begin with VR$500 (Seasoned characters begin with VR$2500) with which you may purchase equipment to outfit your VR character. You can draw from most of the gear to be found in the rulebook, though modern and futuristic weapons will not be found in the Avatars game world.

Bear in mind that your normal carrying capacity is 5 lbs per Strength. (8 lbs for those with the Brawny Edge)

=====In-Game Communication=====

{{image url="" title="Magic Orb" alt="Magic Orb" class="right"}}With communication so readily available outside the game, the VR game designers had little choice but to support instant communications if two players should desire to do so. However, to allow people to preserve their real world anonymity, they have dressed up communication by means of magic books and orbs that can be exchanged between players. These devices cannot be crafted or forged within the game, stolen against your will (though you can give them away), and do not cost in-game currency.
- __Magic Letter__ - comes in pairs. What you write in your letter can only be seen by whomever has the other letter. The text can be scrolled up to make room for more writing at the bottom, so what appears to be an ordinary parchment sheet could actually contain a great amount of information.
- __Magic Guild Book__ - if you are a member of a game guild, you can share your thoughts, findings, requests for help, and answers with others in your guild. Most players are content with checking only messages to themselves or dipping into the guild news section, but you can use your Computers skill to try to get more in-depth and interesting information.
- __Magic Orb__ - these can be attuned to one another, or in groups. When you desire to communicate with someone, tap your orb and the other person's orb will vibrate if he or she is around, then if they don't answer it, it will chime in a way only they can hear. When they tap the orb, the connection is established and you will see them - but not their surroundings - as a tiny figure in your own orb. You can converse. Tap the orb again twice to cut the connection. NPCs will ignore orbs and conversations over orbs, but other PCs may notice if you bring one out and talk into it, and are fully capable of eavesdropping on your side.

=====Potions and Elixirs=====

These are single-use items. Alchemists can craft their own potions, but they have a set limit on how many potions they can have extant at any given time; PCs may wish to buy potions to avoid the muss and fuss of making them or so they aren't bound by this limit.

- __Health Potion__ - VR$60. Restores one Wound, no Healing roll required, as long as it is within the Golden Hour from when the wound was taken.
- __Mana Potion__ - VR$100. Restores 5 power points or cures one level of Fatigue. For Avatar Links, feed to the Avatar directly.
- __Ironskin Elixir__ - VR$80. Grants 2 points of Armor for 5 rounds.
- __Elixir of Strength__ - VR$80. Grants one increased die type to Strength for 5 rounds.
- __Elixir of Arcane Sight__ - VR$80. Grants temporary ability to see magic for 5 rounds.
- __Elixir of Curing__ - VR$60. Cures most poisons and diseases, and negative effects like magical paralysis.
- __Elixir of Breath__ - VR$40. Breath anywhere - underwater, in a furnace, outer space - for 5 hours.
- __Elixir of Levitation__ - VR$80. Fly for 5 rounds.
- __Elixir of Invisibility__ - VR$80. Be invisible for 5 rounds. Enemies will be at -4 to Notice the adventurer.
- __Elixir of Speed__ - VR$160. Gives 2 actions per round for 3 rounds as per Quickness. In addition, Pace is doubled as per Speed.

These are created through alchemy but used as if they were hand grenades.
- __Volatile Elixir__ - VR$75. Does 3d6 damage, Medium Burst Template.
- __Smoke Bomb__ - VR$40. Creates a persistent cloud of smoke as per Obscure. Large Burst Template.
- __Stinkbomb__ - VR$40. Creates a choking cloud of gas as per Stun. Medium Burst Template.

These may be applied to weapons.
- __Oil of Fire__ - VR$120. The weapon, or ammunition thrown by the weapon if it is a ranged weapon, will be on fire! Weapon damage becomes fire and is increased by +2. It may be applied before a battle and lasts for the length of the battle.
- __Oil of Shadows__ - VR$120. The weapon, or ammunition thrown by the weapon if it is a ranged weapon, will emanate darkness. If the weapon does damage or causes the target to become Shaken, the target must make a Vigor roll or become paralyzed for 2d6 rounds. It may be applied before a battle, and lasts for the length of the battle.
- __Poison__ - VR$120. The weapon, or ammunition thrown by the weapon if it is a ranged weapon, will emit a noxious green smoke - not an actual breathing hazard but a marker for a toxic substance. If the weapon does damage or causes the target to become Shaken, the target must make a Vigor roll to avoid taking an immediate Fatigue level. It may be applied before a battle, and lasts for the length of the battle.

=====Dressing to Fit the Occasion=====

You can look stylish //and// protect yourself with these clothes!

__Coat__ - VR$100. Provides 1 Armor to Torso, 50% protection for arms and legs, weighs 8 lbs. Available in a variety of styles from trenchcoat to airship captain's longcoat to mage's robes. Can have one enchantment.

__Fashionable Attire__ - VR$100-300. While these clothes offer no armor, they can be worth beneath coats or armor and can have up to one enchantment per $100 of the original cost. (paid for separately)

__Robes__ - VR$300. Provides 1 Armor to Torso, 50% protection for arms and legs, weighs 8lbs. Cannot be worn with a Coat. Can have up to 3 enchantments. (paid for separately)

__Fantasy Armor__ - VR$600. +2 Armor, 50% protection for arms and legs, weighs 13 lbs. Available in a wide array of styles. Can have up to 3 enchantments. (paid for separately)

=====Armor Enchantments=====

All magical armor has the property 'Magical Fit' - it automatically reshapes to fit its wearer, as long as they are within 1 Size of normal human size.

- Lightweight (+VR$100): Armor is half the normal weight (rounded up).

- Protection, Lesser (+VR$100): Existing armor protection applies to ALL locations (even if the original clothes were, say, "Arabian Nights Harem Girl Pirate Outfit"). +1 Magic Armor bonus.
- Protection, Greater (+VR$500): As above, but Magic Armor bonus is +2.

- Shadow, Lesser (+VR$100): Armor is in all dark, sinister colors. +1 to Stealth checks.
- Shadow, Greater (+VR$500): As above, but +2 to Stealth checks.

- Splendor, Lesser (+VR$500): Wearer gains +1 Charisma bonus when dealing with Extras.
- Splendor, Greater (+VR$1000): As above, but bonus is +2 Charisma.

**Note:** you cannot stack multiple Armor, or Magic Armor, effects. If you wore both a Coat and Fantasy Armor, your total Armor would be 3, not 4. If you placed +1 Magic Armor on each, you would still only add +1 Magic Armor, instead of +2.


You may have one Magic Tattoo per Rank above Novice. (Novices just aren't cool enough to have Magic Tattoos) These are large and conspicuous; they will cover your entire chest, back, arms, legs, or even your face. Avatars may not have Tattoos.

- __Finesse__ (VR$1000) - Grants you a +1 to Agility rolls. (Note that this isn't *Agility-based* rolls. Just Agility. So, this is only useful when you're asked to "make an Agility roll" - such as when doing Agility-based Tricks, evading explosions, trying to avoid falling off of a rocking ship, etc.) You must have an Agility of at least d8 to take this Tattoo.

- __Might__ (VR$1000) - Grants you a +1 to Strength-based rolls. This applies to melee weapon damage, raw Strength rolls, and also to such tasks as Climbing. You must have a Strength of at least d8 to take this Tattoo.

- __Power__ (VR$1000) - Grants you +5 Power Points. You must have a Spirit OR Vigor of at least d8 to take this Tattoo.

- __Skill__ (VR$1000) - This tattoo embodies one particular skill you specialize in, and grants you a +1 bonus with that skill. In the case of weapon skills, you must choose a general weapon category that this effects. (E.g., if your bonus is to Fighting, this will only benefit you when using Swords [including Daggers], or Axes, or Clubs, etc. If your bonus is to Shooting, it's limited to either Archery or Firearms.) It is possible to get this Tattoo multiple times, but each time it must be for a different Skill (or category). You must have at least a d8 in the Skill in order to take this Tattoo.

- __Toughness__ (VR$1000) - Grants you +1 Toughness. You must have at least d8 Vigor to take this Tattoo.

- __Will__ (VR$1000) - Grants you a +1 to Spirit rolls (not to Spirit-linked skills). However, in this special case it also applies to your Arcane Background skill, if it is Spirit-based, i.e. Avatar Link, Focus Link, Shapeshifting, or Dark Mastery.

- __Tattoo Removal__: VR$100.

=====Magic Items=====

A large variety of magic items can be found or bought. Consult with the GM if you have an idea for a magic item; the following are simply examples.

- __Bracers of Strength__ - VR$2500. Grants two increased die types to Strength, but each time you perform a Strength-related action or attack with a melee weapon, roll Vigor against a target of d4 to avoid taking a level of Fatigue. You may choose to use your normal strength without penalty.
- __Power Stone__ - VR$1000, can be tapped for up to 5 power points total as a free action. Can be recharged with a successful Spirit roll, by channeling your own power points into it. May be set into jewelry of your choice.
- __Ring of Levitation__ - VR$1000. Fly for 5 rounds, once per day. Recharges at the end of the day.
- __Ring of Invisibility__ - VR$1000. Be invisible for 5 rounds. Enemies will be at -4 to Notice the adventurer. Recharges at the end of the day.
- __Ring of Speed__ - VR$2000. Gives 2 actions per round for 3 rounds as per Quickness. In addition, Pace is doubled as per Speed. Recharges at the end of the day.


You can purchase any medieval weapon, melee or ranged, pretty much anywhere you go. "Common" weapons can only have one enchantment apiece, not included in the price. Some weapons that may be of interest:

__Scythe__ - VR$300. Damage Str+d10, weighs 15. -1 to Parry. Like a Halberd, it has Reach 1 and requires 2 hands.
__Sword Cane__ - VR$300. Damage Str+d6, weighs 4 lb. Can be disguised as a cane.

You can order Exceptional Quality versions of any weapon. This increases the base cost by 50% but gives you +1 to Fighting or Shooting with that weapon. In addition, it can take two enchantments, not one.

====Weapon Enchantments====

- Accuracy, Lesser (+VR$500) - +1 to hit roll (Thrown or Fighting).
- Accuracy, Greater (+VR$1000) - +2 to hit roll (Thrown or Fighting).

- Damage, Lesser (+VR$300) - +1 to Damage. The weapon is typically either physically larger than normal (with no apparent increase in weight or encumbrance), or has a stylized "serrated" edge.
- Damage, Greater (+VR$600) - +2 to Damage. As above, but even more distinct.

- Elemental (+VR$1000) - Upon command, weapon is bathed in elemental energy, doing an extra +2 damage, and glowing visibly (casting light). If used against vulnerable targets, target will take extra damage. However, against targets of the same element, it takes only normal damage. Fire, Lightning, Acid and Ice are popular choices.

- Freedom (+VR500) - Weapon is unaffected by most Entangle effects (wielder may still fight without penalty, so long as he can reach his target, even while Entangled), and may move freely through water, etc.

- Lightweight (+VR$300) - Weapon weighs half the normal weight, and has one step lower Min Str requirement. (E.g., a Lightweight Great Sword would weigh only 6 lb, and have a Minimum Strength of d8.)

- Parry (+VR$300) - Parry +1. Weapon has a stylized crossguard, a "fork" in the blade, or some other innovation that marks that it's intended for blocking attacks.

- Returning (+VR$500) - If owner/wielder calls out weapon's name (and it's within line of sight), it comes to his hand as a free action. Particularly useful for thrown weapons - in which case the weapon comes back at the start of the wielder's next round when he calls for it, so he can use it immediately. However, if the weapon is thrown, on a roll of "1" on the Throw skill die, regardless of the Wild Die, the weapon won't return. (E.g., it got stuck hard enough it can't be pulled out, or is in some situation where it can't readily fly to the owner's hand.)

- Stunning (+VR$500) - Weapon may be used for nonlethal attacks without penalty to attack roll. (Weapon "stuns" with a particular energy type - usually Lightning. Please note that some creatures are unaffected by "nonlethal" attacks, such as undead; some other creatures may be resistant to or susceptible to the particular energy type.)

- Transforming (+VR$1000 + special) - Weapon is capable of changing form between two weapon types (e.g., dagger or greatsword) as a free action. Cost is determined by adding both weapon types together, plus the enchantment cost. One form may be a non-weapon object (e.g., a spyglass or an astrolabe), though it should be a metal object.
**Note:** One form of the weapon is its "true" form, and it only stays in the "transformed" form until the current encounter/conflict has passed - and then it reverts to normal.

In some parts of the Avatars and Gloaming VR game worlds, you can also obtain Flintlock weapons:

__Flintlock Pistol__ - VR$150. Damage 2d6+1, Range 5/10/20, Wt 3 lb; takes 2 actions to reload.
__Musket__ - VR$300. Damage 2d8, Range 10/20/40, Wt 15 lb; 2-handed, Min Str d6, takes 2 actions to reload.
__Blunderbuss__ - VR$300. Damage 3d6 at Short, 2d6 at Medium, 1d6 at Long Range. Range 10/20/40, Wt 12 lb, Min Str d6, takes 2 actions to reload.
__Flintlock Gunblade__ - VR$500. Damage 2d6+1, Range 5/10/20, Wt 7 lb; Min Str d6, takes 2 actions to reload, usable as sword (damage Str+d6).
__Revolving Flintlock (Pepperbox)__ - VR$1000. Damage 2d6+1, Range 5/10/20, Wt 4 lb; holds 6 shots, but on any natural roll of "1" on the firing die, gun misfires, and all unfired barrels discharge at once; takes 2 actions per barrel to reload.

Ammunition for Flintlock weapons:
__Bullet__ - costs VR$1 per shot.
__Elemental Bullet__ - adds +2 elemental damage - commonly Fire, Lightning, Acid, or Ice. Costs VR$5 per shot.
__Armor Piercing Bullet__ - AP2. Costs VR$10 per shot.

In the Gloaming, it is possible to obtain modern and even futuristic weapons in certain dimensions. In addition to the standard laser armaments ("blasters"), you can also purchase:

__Stun Ray__ - VR$150. Range 12/24/48, damage 2d6 nonlethal, RoF 1, 12 shots per charge, weighs 4 lb.
__Stun Rifle__ - VR$300. Range 24/48/96, damage 3d6 nonlethal, RoF 1, 16 shots per charge, weighs 8 lb.

=====Credit where Credit's Due=====

The enchantments and tattoos are Greywolf's work. Thank you for saving me from having to come up with costs for magic items!
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