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You begin with VR$500 (Seasoned characters begin with VR$2500) with which you may purchase equipment to outfit your VR character. You can draw from most of the gear to be found in the rulebook, though modern and futuristic weapons are not to be found.

With communication so readily available outside the game, the VR game designers had little choice but to support instant communications if two players should desire to do so. However, to allow people to preserve their real world anonymity, they have dressed up communication by means of magic books and orbs that can be exchanged between players. These devices cannot be crafted or forged within the game, and do not cost in-game currency.

These are single-use items. Alchemists can craft their own potions, but they have a set limit on how many potions they can have extant at any given time; PCs may wish to buy potions to avoid the muss and fuss of making them or so they aren't bound by this limit.

These are created through alchemy but used as if they were hand grenades.
These may be applied to weapons.

Magic items are like normal items but generally of exceptional quality and empowered with one or several powers. Some magic items are cursed - unscrupulous vendors will try to pass these off as normal items of power. If you're willing to live with the curse, you may be able to get these items for significantly less.

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