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All VR characters are familiar with the low level areas of settings in which they live. Your main character receives Knowledge: VR Game World (Avatars or Gloaming) to reflect this. However, it is not a given that they can operate vehicles of their time period; these must be taken as skills.

VR characters can advance much more quickly than main characters. You might find yourself able to afford a new VR character advance practically every session in which you play your VR character, whereas your main character might only receive enough XP to buy an advance after completing entire storyline arcs.

While a player's VR characters will never (under normal circumstances) die permanently, it is possible for a player's VR character to be presumed dead but later find himself or herself alive, in dire straits, elsewhere - for instance, found by slavers who are keeping the player alive just to sell in a distant market. The Gloaming also allows players to perform emergency escapes in which they slip away into the void between worlds, and are able to return in a random location, gravely wounded but at least safe from their enemies - for the moment. Half the fun of being "killed" is trying to get out of whatever deathtrap situation you wake up in.

You should choose one of the following Arcane Backgrounds for your VR character. You can never change this later without starting over with a new VR character.

* Taking an Edge to stipulate that Vampires are immortal and can only be killed by a wooden stake through the heart seems pointless given that events would intervene to prevent a player's VR character from being permanently killed.


For all but Avatar Links, you may take the New Power and Increase Power Pool Edges as normal (once each per Rank). The Rapid Recharge Edge is gone. (30 minutes, or even 15, is an eternity in a movie-style campaign)

Promote Avatar - grants your Avatar three Advances. Your Avatar can then purchase New Power and/or Increase Power Pool if you so desire. May not be taken more than once per Rank.

Avatar Sense - allows you to see, hear, and feel what your Avatar does. Grants +1 to Avatar Link rolls.

Heal Avatar - you can channel energy into your Avatar. Roll Avatar Link against a target of 4 to give up one level of Fatigue to cure one of your Avatar's Wounds. Each Raise allows you to cure one additional Wound at no additional cost. On a Botch, you are Shaken, but it is impossible to further injure your Avatar.

For all VR characters, you (or your Avatar, for Avatar Links) may attempt to draw on your inner strength to gain extra power. You don't have to run out of power in order to do so. In these circumstances, roll Spirit against a target of 4. If successful, you gain 5 power points, but your target number increases by 1 for the next time. Each Raise grants an additional 5 power points. If you fail however, you take one Fatigue level and your power pool is reset to 0 points, and if you Botch, you are Shaken and cannot try again for 2d4 rounds.

This normally takes a round. You can attempt to perform an action immediately upon getting energy if you specify you are doing so, and pay the -2 multi-action penalty.
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