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All modern characters are familiar with the urban setting of the near future. They are able to operate modern vehicles, which have reasonably standardized controls. Nearly everyone speaks English, either as a first or second language.

You begin with N$500 ("New Dollars") for personal gear, and you may have access to additional equipment or vehicles through your job.


Skills below are either in addition to or replacing skills that appear in the Test Drive.

Intimidate - now linked to Strength; you may use your physical presence to cow or bully others. Feats of strength or displays of fighting prowess allow Strength, Fighting, or Shooting to be used as cooperative rolls.

Vehicle Operation - driving modern vehicles and operating mounted weapons under combat conditions. This replaces Driving and Piloting. Edges which affect Driving and Piloting now affect Vehicle Operation.

Argument - use logic or spurious reasoning to convince someone to follow your direction. Effective against AIs, but -2 vs humans.
Data Mining - replaces Investigation. You are adept at using search engines and intelligent agents to uncover clues in the net. You can also better direct AIs and robots to perform complex operations with better tolerance of unforeseen circumstances.
Hacking - disarm cybernetic security systems. This is discussed in more details in in Av2Hacking.
Knowledge - modern subjects include AIs, Bureaucracy, Cybernetics, Modern Law, or Weird Science. These can be used as cooperative rolls when dealing with the related subjects.
Repair - in addition to repairing mechanical and electronic devices, you can also jury-rig cybernetic devices that are temporarily disabled to get them working at -2 to related rolls until they can be fully repaired. If you have the Cyberdoc Edge, you may roll Medicine as a cooperative roll. Raises allow you to reduce the penalty by 1 per raise.
Taunt - insults may lead your opponents to make mistakes in battle. Effective against humans, but -2 vs AIs.
Tracking - in addition to following someone's tracks, you can find tiny clues and hidden objects or compartments.

Persuasion - use emotional manipulation and charisma to convince someone to follow your direction. Effective against humans, but -2 vs AIs.


Programmer - you gain +2 to Data Mining and Hacking rolls.

Hardwired - you may install up to half your spirit in cyberware systemsi.e. at d6 spirit you could install 3 systems without penalty; you may also directly connect to any neural connection-capable hardware by plugging in, giving you a +2 bonus to hacking rolls and allowing you to perform "hands free" vehicle operation (but still subject to -2 multi-action penalty). Attempting to install devices beyond this limit inflicts -1 to Charisma for each additional device, and places you at risk of going "cyberpsycho" when under stress.

Cyborg - you may choose N$5000 of cybernetic devices to have pre-installed, and you can generally afford up to N$2500 in repairs per month. The above limit on devices still applies.

Military Cyborg - requires Cyborg. Your baseline cybernetic devices are armored (toughness 16 vs physical damage) and EMP-shielded (toughness 10 vs electrical damage). Purchasing military-spec cybernetics costs double the normal price.

Cyberdoc - requires d8 Medicine. Reflects the specialized skills needed to install cyberware, given access to appropriate equipment. Surgery requires recovery time, during which the character operates at reduced effectiveness, depending on how significant the change is. When using Repair to fix a broken cybernetic device, allows you to use Medicine as a cooperative roll.


By default your character will have some sort of job that offers access to equipment, vehicles, and/or contacts that will help you during the campaign, and provides you with detailed knowledge of some part of the modern world. Examples include:

Police Officer - requires d6 Strength, d6 Shooting, and d4 Knowledge: Law. You have access to police vehicles and weapons while on duty, but special weapons and heavy vehicles require authorization. Criminals will be more reluctant to deal with you if they are aware of your occupation (-2 to Streetwise rolls).

Corporate Agent

Small Business Owner


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