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======The Scaly Duo======
==[[AdventurersAcademy|Adventurers' Academy]] > [[AdventurersAcademyCast|Cast]] > The Scaly Duo==

The shared identity of Kinryu Kwantau and Samanthia Stormdancer

After the encounter with the Mysterious Artifact, the young male Eastern dragon Kinryu finds himself turned into a young female kirin. Due to the circumstances regarding the incident, in the beginning of the series Kinryu is furnished with the new identity of Samanthia Stormdancer until the transformation/curse/geas is understood, and is re-introduced to the school as a new first year student. His family and acquaintances are not informed of this and are instead told he is being treated for an ailment suffered on an Academy field trip.

=====Kinryu Kwantau=====
- Young male gold Eastern Dragon. Black-brown mane, brown-yellow eyes. Non-descript.
- At the start of the series, he is almost a second year student both academically and in terms of adventuring experience.
- House Kwantau is a minor noble bloodline in the Kingdom of Casiert. As far as noble houses go, they have modest holdings and liquid wealth. The House is known for being extremely reliable in business dealings and for its skill in constructing equally reliable large-scale magical wards against harsh weather, which makes their artisan and construction skills well-respected. They have a small but steady market with those who are looking to build new floating islands or city expansions and desire the additions to be protected against even magical storms. While the House does not have much obvious political influence or flashy connections, the House is known by those with enough power or wealth to build new floating islands who might need their weather-warding services.
- The House is also known for being somewhat spartan style which avoids spending unduly on luxuries or frivolities.
- From a minor branch of House Kwantau, Kinryu is at the Adventures' Academy as his family has required it of him. He has earned a partial scholarship from his academic studies in magic use in order to save the family money and to show the Academy that he is worth accepting. He is not particularly interested in adventuring, but his family felt that he needed to broaden his horizons, meet more people, and get some practical experience to go with the theory of magic use.
- Did not do particularly well on his first Academy field trip/adventuring experience. He was aided by Tuftears -- since then, Tuftears has provided Kinryu help in handling the adventuring side of the Academy, and Kinryu has been helping Tuftears with the academic side.
- Nicknamed Bookwyrm by Tuftears.
- Traditional mage/wizard type -- carries staff, with a focus on lightning-based spells. For a first-year student at the Academy, he now has slightly low direct damage, but the lightning spells often have secondary attributes -- shock/stun or flash/blind -- that balance things out. Capable of warding a small area with a lightning shield and minor weather warding -- i.e. he can keep the rain off a campsite, which makes him useful to bring along on some of the Academy field trips.
- Has access to a bank account set aside for him by his family for covering expenses while at the Academy. Rigorously uses it as little as possible by trying to live minimally. For a student, it is actually a moderately wealthy amount -- though he would have to justify major expenditures since his family receives reports on the account.
- Has minor family contacts and news, mostly related to the family business. However, those tidbits of news, such as whether or not a foreign city's new merchant district expansion was going to be completed on time, might actually be of value to the right listener.
- Has a younger sister. TBD.
- Reserved, introverted, and tries to cover for social inexperience/awkwardness by keeping such interactions to a minimum or on a polite/formal professional/business level.

=====Samanthia Stormdancer=====
- Young female gold kirin with black-blue mane, blue eyes, and black markings.
- At the start of the series, introduced as a new first-year student at the Academy with a full, if modest, scholarship to cover all costs.
- As far as family background goes, was told to just make something up, but keep it simple. Frankly, this has kind of stumped her.
- Gets Dandelion nicknamed Fluffyshy.
- Has limited to no access to Kinryu's lightning-based magic at the beginning -- which frustrates her, since that was what she was good with.
- Has air/wind-based magic talents which she is trying to learn how to use properly. Can now leap/jump farther than would be purely physically possible, and occasionally literally hits the ceiling when sufficiently startled. Additionally, she appears to be in better physical condition and perhaps slightly more resilient.
- Cannot officially access Kinryu's bank account. Instead, has access to a living stipend provided by the Academy as part of the scholarship. Along with a basic set of school uniforms provided by the Academy and some starting supplies and equipment, she finds this mostly adequate.
- Is assigned private quarters in the female dorm area with Fluffyshy in the beginning.
- Still reserved and introverted on the surface, she is faced with figuring out how to handle a new set of social interactions.
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